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His eyes, they get the best of him.
The ghost of a girl wanders city streets
Graceful and free at half past night.
Stricken, the man approached her.

“You’re beauty among beauty,”
“May I have you as my own?”
“You’re a little late to take me for bride.”
“Oh no problem, you see. I have grown out of this life.”
“It’s time to start anew.”
“Oh but you do not see.”
“You wish to go where your heart can never follow.”
“What do you mean I cannot follow?”
“I can’t explain nor do I care to,”
“Please just heed this warning.”


So he wandered to his room,
Laid lax and sprawled on his bed.
Festival flair outside in full-fledged swing
It kept him from chance to slumber.

From nowhere, his head rang loud.
With voices and thoughts beyond
From what he considered normal.
This of his infatuate
Collectively swollen mind.
They echo aloud;
These whispers from which they hymned.

“Let go, let go,”
“Take your bride to be.”
“End your times, cut a line,”
“Flaunt for all to see.”
“Guaramene, the Seventh.”
“Take her hand that yearns for thee,”
“On this night of Sabbath.”

Repeat and repeat again;
That is what the hour saw.
Till weakness showed from his despair,
Walking to the lou.

Repeat and repeat again;
He pulled a razor to the wrist.
Till weakness showed from his despair,
Cutting down a line.

His vision blurred and knees so weak;
Blood ran to the floor.
Reflections clear, no will to think;
He stumbled out the door.

His vison blurred and knees so weak;
Here he lay forevermore.
Reflections clear, no will to think;
He begins his journey now.
As soon as it had started, how soon the passing felt.
The pain faded and weariness too,
Feeling a tad bit numb.
A glance down showed to him that he had surely passed away.
All was good, he thought
As the voices rang astray.

“Let go, let go,”
“Take your bride to be.”
“End your times, cut a line,”
“Flaunt for all to see.”
“Guaramene, the Seventh,”
“Take her hand that yearns for thee,”
“On this night of Sabbath.”


Graze unto the cold night air.
Walk amongst those who live.
Pay no mind to those who see.
For you must find her.

Gaze unto the festive flair.
From here you see the one you love.
Pay your mind to dwindling heart.
Feel that you don’t need her.

And it’s there you see her
And hear whispers of fair maiden.
And now you see what she believed
Your heart will never follow.
Chapter 4

    A beautiful woman with long, orange hair; wearing a black and white maid's outfit walked casually towards a figure relaxing in a chair with a tray in hand. On it was a bottle of grape wine entitled 'King's Stash.'"

"You have a call, Master Senyo," said the maid.

A shady-looking figure with slicked-back black hair, wearing a very classy three-piece black suit and glasses sat in his leather chair; positioned in front of a television screen. The figure twirled a glass of wine and stared straight with lazy attention to the screen.

"Put it through, Lauren," said Senyo.

Lauren pointed a remote at the screen and activated the transmission, static giving way partially to scattered images.

"As you wish, master."

    A daunting humanoid figure appeared in full clarity. He was surrounded by a dark, metallic room with a faint red glow caused from the center of the room where a table stood; an orb emitting the light.  Screams and gut-wrenching roars can be heard in the background, if only in murmurs from the outside.

“Senyo! We need to have a talk. Right. Now!" shouted the creature furiously.

His demeanor absolutely intimidating, the beastly figure stood over 7 feet tall and possessed a tone, muscular body. He wore a blood red cape over his back with an exposed upper body. His legs were covered in pants made of a strong and sturdy, bulletproof material; worn black in color. And over his jawline lay a steel contraption used to heal an injury as a sort of cast. A mark shaped of a silhouetted phoenix laid upon the strange creature's forehead connected by multiple converging lines forming around his bald head. He wore one steel shoulder guard on his right, bearing their insignia in the form of a solid gold badge: A serpent, fangs out and dripping venom, hatching from an egg; the rise of a great power.

Senyo replied to this forward invitation.

"Now now, no need to get violent. What seems to be the problem?"

Gore pointed his finger to the screen as he stared Senyo down with his empty, white glowing eyes. He shouted with the ferocity of an erupting volcano.

"The problem, you ask?! Your so-called ‘pet’ is killing more of my men with each passing second! We can't hold this thing!”

He continued to whittle down Senyo; the constant barrage gradually annoying him.

"If you want us to bring Gyone Irensho to you, we are going to need our men at peak potential. And as it stands, I'm already down twenty men.. You said this thing would aid in our ambush!"

    Senyo responded to Gore as he straightened himself up from his chair, seemingly in a huff.

"Okay, I'll bring her back here if he's such a burden. But that's coming out of your pay."

Gore replied to this with annoyance toppled with his explosive anger.

"Would you mind running that by me again human?"

Senyo stroked his chin pondering, looking up.

"Well you see, General, there are the transportation costs; the manpower to restrain.. hmm, oh! And those delicious treats she ever so adores!" said Senyo as he counted down the reasons on his fingers.

The creature’s explosive anger was at a tipping point of being unleashed as he heard these conditions. Senyo continued as he stared at him slyly.

"..But if that doesn't work for you, I could always just leave her there for good. Wouldn't that be swell, Gore?"

General Gore screamed as he smashed his fist on the solid steel pillar next to him.

"Fine, you tenacious piece of trash, I accept the conditions! Anything's better than watching my men get eaten by that damn monster," exclaimed Gore as he stared at Senyo. "But you better pay up when this is over, understand? 100,000 credits, as promised! Or I swear to the Spirits I'm going to-"

He was interrupted.

"Fine, fine," replied Senyo, chuckling. "Though we better bring that down to 95,000. That should cover the costs."

Nothing but disgruntled growls could be heard as the transmission turned to static.

    "Why do I even bother, Lauren? You'd think a whole army could hold just one monster," said Senyo, slumping back into his chair.

Lauren replied as she collected the empty wine glass and placed it onto a tray.

"Well master, if a whole army of brutes like them can't hold her down; Gyone can't possibly hope to take on such a monster."

Turning to Lauren, Senyo laughed then replied.

"If you think that, then you really don't know Gyone like I do."

"Huh? What do you mean, Master?" asked Lauren.

"Three confirmed kills as of four days ago. Our boy took them out within the same hour, but seemed to take a nap or something not too much time afterward."

Lauren stood baffled.

"Are.. Are you sure he was alone, master?"

"Please; wherever Gyone's going, he hasn't got a single hole to scurry into. No friends, no allies, nothing to turn back to. If he's not alone, then it's whoever's unlucky enough to cross his path. One thing's for sure, right?"

"Hmm?" pondered Lauren.

"I sure do know how to pick em', don't I?"


    Gyone -now departing from Komeato- was on track to a city massive in scale as could be seen in the distance over the upcoming cliff side.
“Oh great,” he said to himself, pausing his advance to survey the city as he sighed a breath of frustration. “Halsberth: the home of religious asshats who can’t get along. I wonder if there’s another way aroun-”

The sound of his stomach growling and the pup whining instantly hushed the possibility of going around civilization.

“Ugh, never mind.”

    Gyone thought to himself as he walked through the desert, staring at the orange-tinted, afternoon sky; he seemed to be lost in a trance.

"I wonder what had happened that day. I don't remember a damn thing about dying. You'd think I'd at least have some recollection of hitting the ground, but nothing. How'd he pull it off, and why? While we're at it, that dream. Was that really Mia I was talking to? Or was it just some kind of dream? Ah none of this makes the slightest bit of sense! Oh well, illusion or not; I'd better hurry back home. She must have already heard the news by now. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I walk into that crappy apartment of ours!"

Gyone stared down at the puppy as he happily followed his every move.

"And hey, she always wanted a dog. Silver linings, Gyone. You’re in the clear."

    His concentration was broken by the sound of voices cackling madly from below. Rushing forward to the cliff, he looked to find a toppled carriage set ablaze; horses mangled and cut from their rains and the passengers inside dead. Further inspection brought his attention to a group of creatures chasing a teenage girl from the looks of it. She was around as tall as Gyone and was rather small in proportions. She had short, yellowish-green hair which barely reached her shoulders. It slicked back in a sort of spiky fashion. She wore a fashionable, light blue Kimono dress which possessed a beautiful flower design; quite a beautiful sight and definitely not cheap. With her was a carrying bag of sorts; most likely what the horde is after. Gyone knew who these monsters were as soon as he took a closer look at them. He spoke to himself, glaring at the scene unfolding.

"Anubians.. Goddamn monsters are going to rip that poor girl apart if I don’t do something. But. Mia.. Ah screw it! You ready for some action, pup?"

The pup showed his excitement with a shy bark.  Gyone nodded then picked up the pup as he took a leap of faith off of the overhead cliff he was watching from, landing on the side and sliding down to the ground. He beckoned to the Anubian horde as he put the pup to the ground.

“Hey guys!”

This immediately caught the attention of most; six of the group of seven. They looked back and examined Gyone closely like hunters.

“Which one of you spineless creatures wants a real fight?!” mocked Gyone as he took his stance to fight with Gale; the pup –energized and riled up- began to bark viciously at them alongside.

“And just who the hell are you?” yelled one of the Anubians.

“Wait just one damn minute,” interjected another beefier Anubian in a graveled voice as he stepped forward and unraveled a sheet of paper. “Are you.. uhhh,” he slurred as he struggled to make out the wording on the crusty parchment. “Gyone Irensho?”

Gyone attempted to be cautious with the next few words, but his heightened sense of combatant pride overtook any efforts as he replied.

“I am, yes. Been looking for me?”

The Anubian began to laugh slowly, building up to a hardy howl which caught on with the rest. He looked around to the horde as he replied with a grin curling on his battle-scarred face.

“Hear that boys? Then you’re comin’ with us, great ‘Silent Death’ of Crygor!”

Gyone’s pride faulted as he heard this title. It was what he was called by, but nobody knew Gyone and the Silent Death to be one in the same. He thought to himself in a haste of questions.

“What? How do they-“ was all he could muster before nearly being blindsided by a surprise swing of a slanted-looking sword, courtesy of the big brute. The rest rushed in and took their place circling him surrounded.  

    Gyone -without saying a word- grasped onto Gale with both hands relaxed on the handle and swung at the brute in a spinning motion. The brute sluggishly blocked the oncoming attack and met his stare; vicious, white eyes; bloodshot on the sides noticeably. With only so much strength to hold this, Gyone scrambled to find a solution to quickly dispatch the horde. Suddenly, the cocking of a gun could be heard from the right side.

“Hold’em steady!” shouted one of the Anubians, holding a bulky-built pistol; rounds big enough to turn a head to nothing but a paste at the pull of a trigger.

“Wait, no!” replied the brute, looking away and pushing his hand out in a warning fashion; at this point it was too late, however.

A click deployed a stray bullet with a ragged boom, sounding like it rattled the firearm to the core. Gyone acted quickly and threw the brute around to the bullet’s path; it connected in the brute’s upper back, digging through the steel armor. He groaned in pain as he stumbled away from their deadlock. This prompted the horde to converge onto Gyone in a pack; a glimpse of this and Gyone was quickly on the brute, ready to strike once again as he had his guard down. Clenching his hands at the right moment, Gyone swung and connected with the brute’s neck, slicing his head clean from his body. Fresh blood splattered on the sand as the headless corpse dropped to the ground; the horde halted as one of them called out, looking to the severed head.

“By the spirits.. Not the captain.”

He unsheathed his sword and pointed it forward, screaming a rallying battle cry to his brothers.

“Avenge our brothe- aughh!“

The cry failed as his head was impaled with both blades of Gale straight into his left ear. Quickly retracting the blades, he wasted no time and rushed into the remaining head-on; he shifted his grasp to the strap and let it drop down without weight. As he approached, he clenched onto the strap and brought it in motion to a swing; it connected with one’s neck and brought him to his knees, clenching the wound and desperately gasping for breath. Gyone’s grip relaxed and naturally led the weapon into a spin, alongside himself ducking down and following with Gale’s motions. One attempted to swing, bringing his arm up to slice downward; but he met the same fate of a slit jugular which led to the sword plunging into the ground, spiraling as it fell.

    The remaining two each took a step back from the chaos; the seconds passing by seem unreal, the visceral bloodbath so effective to a race known for their strength. As they did, each pulled a gun; one with a pistol and the other with an assault rifle on his back. Gyone revealed to them as they took aim with the expected in hand. However, the other hand held a surprise; the blade of the fallen swung alongside Gale as he sprang up and decapitated both, sprawling his arms out like that of a majestic bird for a moment as their bodies dropped lifeless. The sounds of the teenager’s cries brought Gyone out of his state of prowess and back to the situation at hand.          

"Hang in there, chick!" shouted Gyone, breaking into a sprint.  
    Many moments passed, but he soon found his way to the girl on the ground, kicking desperately at the slimy creature and only slightly holding him at bay. This failed shortly after the Anubain pull the leg aside and moved in as he spoke to the girl in a demeaning manner.

"Ya didn't think you'd get away from the Battered Bastards squad, did ya?" he finished, busting into a cackling laughter.

The girl attempted to dart away in the other direction, but was all for not as he grabbed her by the hair and held a dagger to her throat as she continued.
“Here,” said the Anubian as he brought the dagger to the back of her head. “I’ll make it quick!”

Suddenly, as the hand began its plunge; Gyone grasped onto it roughly as the Anubian felt the familiar blade of his brothers pressing against his back armor. The Anubian struggled against this change of fate while Gyone spoke down to him with a smirk on his face.

“You’ve really got a way with women, don’t you?” mocked Gyone.

“Hngahh!” growled the trapped creature as he looked upon the corpses in the distance. “Impossible, you are just one man! How dare you kill my brothers!”

“Shut up and let the girl go!” demanded Gyone, pressing the blade and piercing through the armor to stab slightly into his flesh.

He let go of the girl and she frantically crawled away in a panic, looking back in awe at the transpiring events unfolding as she clenched onto her dropped carrying bag.

“Wait, you’re no ordinary man, are you?.. You’re-“

Gyone moved Gale swiftly around and placed it against his throat as he interrupted the trembling Anubian.

“The ‘Silent Death of Crygor,’ that’s right. And how do you know my name?!”

“Are you s-serious? Everybody knows who you are! Ya think you’re some kind of secret or something?! No way! The boss has his eye on you. And he intends ta get his prize so be a good boy and beg for you fucking life when he gets ya!”

This seemed to be as much bickering as he could take. Gyone slit the Anubain’s throat as deep and swiftly as possible, leaving the creature to bleed out on his own failing breath. He collapsed to the bloodstained sand lifeless after but a mere moment.

“Great talk. We’ll continue this later in hell.”

    A gust of wind caught onto Gyone’s long grey hair, flowing wildly in tattered waves. The girl stared at him with innocent, gold eyes, moist with tears; she didn’t know what to think of her savior from the sight of his necromantic amulet and odd markings. Nevertheless, she figured him to be trustworthy enough to confront and at least thank so she rose from the ground and patted herself down upon looking at her ruffled clothing. When she looked to observe Gyone once again, he was already heading off without a word in the direction of the ongoing path. Baffled, she called out to this strange man as she ran to catch up.  

“W-wait!” shouted the girl.

Gyone stopped in his tracks and faced the damsel as he replied to her cry.

“What is it?” said Gyone in a distant tone of voice. “You’d better get going if you don’t want them coming back for you.”

“I know, it’s just..” started the girl before she broke into tears. “I n-need an escort t-to Halsberth. I need to get to my father and make sure he’s safe!”

To this display, Gyone pondered his decision. He looked to the smoldering wreckage of the carriage in the distance, sympathy slowly growing on his psyche; was he just to leave her alone in the wasteland to fend for herself? Then he turned back to the girl, still desperately trying to keep her composure; understandable considering she just avoided certain death.

“Hmm. What’s your name, first off?” asked Gyone, spinning Gale to his same resting position.

“I-It’s Eve. M-my name is E-eve Muroshi.”

Gyone slowly smirked as he shrugged.

“Well, miss Muroshi; you happen to be in luck today, because I was just on my way there, too.”

    Eve seemed to glow with newfound relief and excitement, tears seeming to cease as she replied.

“Really?! Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!” she said as she bowed multiple times, hands held together and pointed to him; showing her unfathomable gratitude. “How can I ever repay you ... uhm.”

“Name’s Gyone,” he said as he straightened himself from his lax position. “Gyone Irensho. Welcome to our little ... huh? Where’d that little mutt go?!” finished Gyone, looking about the land; finally noticing that his pup had vanished. “Hey pup! Pup!”

Suddenly, Eve’s bag began to ruffle back and forth; instinctively, she dropped it fearing it were some sort of wild creature as she yelped. The pup emerged from the bag, crumbs littering his face as he licked his jowls; he immediately ran to Gyone as fast as he could.

“Found him!” shouted Eve.

Gyone turned to face the dog, then crouched down and embraced the little guy with open arms as the pup plunged into him. He laughed pleasantly as he caught him, but stopped himself seconds later as he looked to Eve, hand over her lips, noticeably holding back a giggle. Gyone awkwardly placed the pup on the ground and replied.

“What is that look for?”

“You’re just a big ol’ sweetheart under that weird skull crap, aren’t ya?”

“Psh, no!” scoffed Gyone as he looked away, arms crossed, with a face of embarrassment.

“Yeah huh; admit it!”

“He just shouldn’t be running off out of nowhere, y’know?”

“Whatever you say, macho man,” shrugged Eve.

To this, Gyone glanced back as he unwound his arms; both looked to the horizon as the sun began its descent behind the mountains.

“I think it’s time to get moving; not a moment to waste,” said Gyone, walking, as he beckoned Eve to follow with the wave of hand.
Eve nodded in agreement then proceeded to walk with him, puppy trailing beside both in the middle. As they did and lost themselves in the sunset, Gyone thought to himself; resting his hands against the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry, Mia. I’m on my way.”
Slave to the Shadows Volume I: chapter 4
Chapter 4 of the story. Gyone continues to venture forth through the desert to the nearby town of Halsberth; unfortunately violence ensues as a new foe shows it's well as a silver lining

Volume 1 in it's entirety available here

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Chapter 3

“Have you forgotten me, Gyone?” asked a faint and distant voice against an angelic backdrop; a seemingly endless stretch of white nothingness with only a reflective gleam of what appeared to be clear water. With each step he took towards the voice, a ripple is created but no signs of any wetness. The voice continued.

“Where are you, you dope?! Come home already!”

Gyone looked up to the never-ending ceiling and replied.

“Who are you? Am I dreaming?” asked Gyone as he spotted a faint blur in the distance coming towards him. All attention is drawn to the figure.

“Oh don’t you even try being cute!” scolded the voice.

“Cute?” asked Gyone. No, I-“

He was swiftly interrupted.

“Oh I know what might work. If you come home before sunset, I’ll do that thing that you really like,” finished the voice, followed by a coy giggle. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

Gyone hastily thought of who would know of him so well; somebody of whom held him dearly. It didn’t take much time to recognize the voice with this in mind as it seemed to all instantly click together.


    Seconds later, he awoke to the sight of a wooden ceiling. A little more observing, and Gyone noticed the puppy curled up on his chest; laying closely to the amulet. Slight surges of pain coursed through Gyone at random intervals, and now he knew why; the sensitivity of the necromantic item was insane. The puppy awoke and looked to Gyone, who immediately batted him away and stood up, scratching the back of his head; noticing the dried blood formed around the bullet wound. This seemed to bring forth a shocking sense of reality as he took his footing and lost his thought to a flood of unease. Gyone surveyed the area from behind a countertop; it seemed like a toy shop from what he could tell from the shelves lined with simplistic, wooden toys such as planes, horses, and the like. He was soon greeted by the voice of an old man, snapping him out of his trance-like state.

“Well now, glad to see you’re back from the dead!”

Gyone couldn’t help but chuckle at this ironic statement.

“You don’t know the half of it, old man,” replied Gyone.

He looked behind him to find this man sitting at his work desk, tinkering with an indistinguishable project at this point. The man soon turned to face him. He had an odd head of spiky grey hair and wore brown overalls. Over his eyes were some goggles, assumingly for his line of work.

“Well that’s good to know!” exclaimed the old man. “We were damn near sure we were gonna have to prepare a memorial.”

Gyone looked to observe the rest of the place; he noticed a marketplace just outside the windows near the front door. Beyond that seemed to be sparely populated desert and spiked-topped mountains in the forseeable distance.

“Where am I?” asked Gyone.

“Why you’re in Komeato, strange one! Little town, simple lives, and good people unlike them big cities,” answered the man. “Judging by that crazy doohickey you’ve got there and the tats, you ain’t a regular here, are ya?”

Gyone folded his arms as he replied to the shopkeeper’s assumptions.

“Hey, I’m from Crygor.”

“Bingo,” abruptly said the old man, which was met with only a more attentive stare.

“You got some kind of problem with the city?”

The man turned away back to his work as he answered.

“Ain’t nothing personal, you see. Just seems like there aren’t many decent people from them parts. You’re alright though.”

“Wait, that’s right,” said Gyone as if remembering. “How’d I get here in the first place? The last thing I remember was this.. Tremendous pain, then everything went dark.”

To this, the man laughed like he expected this sort of question.

“Don’t be giving me your thanks too soon. You have that little guy over there who deserves the biggest damn bone you can find!”

Gyone looked to the puppy on the ground, playing with a small toy resembling a dog.
“Him?” asked Gyone.

“Well he certainly had good timing! He caught me as I was closing up shop in the middle of that storm few days back; wouldn’t stop yelping at my doorstep till I listened to what he had to say. One thing led to another and well shabam! Alive and well.”

“A couple of days?!” asked Gyone, seeming to be shocked by this. “How many?!”

“Uhh ‘bout two or so,” pondered the old man as he scratched his head. “Can’t really seem to remember exactly. Mind’s not what it used to be son!”

While he spoke, Gyone searched around the shop in a panic; hopping the counter even to search the displays. The old man watched him in amusement for several seconds before he beckoned him.

“I think you’re looking for this here, right?” asked the man as he held Gale up horizontally over his head.

Gyone snatched it from his grasp and immediately made for the door as fast as he could. The puppy followed close behind.

“Thanks for the help old man, but I can take it from h-“

“Name’s Hanashi,” interrupted Hanashi as he held a hand out for a handshake. “Hanashi Soronta!”

Gyone awkwardly shook his hand and returned the greeting.”

“Uhh, I’m Gyone. Gyone Irensho. See you around, Hanashi,” finished Gyone as he sprinted out the front door.

Hanashi chuckled then spoke to himself as the door shut.

“Damn kids; always in a rush these day, I swear!”

Gyone rushed into the busy marketplace with the puppy keeping close chase, nearly crashing into passerbys as they passed along at a breakneck speed. After only a brief moment however, his leg gave away and Gyone tripped over himself, plummeting to the ground with a thud and kicked up warm sand.

“Are you okay?” said a brunette-haired woman, holding out a hand to help.
Gyone accepted and started to pull himself up. Once the clearing was met where the amulet could be seen, the woman instantly let go and proceeded to cry out as she ran away in the opposite direction, leaving him buried in sand once more.

“Evil one! Evil one!”

Gyone sat there silent for a moment; the puppy began to sniff him and bat at his head with a paw.

“What was I expecting?” asked Gyone, voice muffled from the sand.

    We find Gyone wandering the center of the marketplace minutes later, looking about at several kiosks and attractions; some locals saw him and headed the other way while others studied him closely. It was unclear if most were more curious than hostile, but he was sure a popular point of interest. One attraction caught his eyes as he passed by. A caged animal with the body of a tiger covered in black feathers and bearing large wings; its eyes were an empty yellow without even a pupil. “Pet the Ravaprimus!” the sign stated next to the creature’s holder, dressed in fancy red garb.

“Huh. The body of a tiger with the features of a raven,” said Gyone to himself as he looked down to the pup. “That thing’s got nothing on those beasties, does it?” asked Gyone in a sarcastic and endearing manner.

“Why, there’s nothing more fierce in this land, my friend!” said the red-garbed handler as they passed. “Feeling confident today?”

“Maybe another time,” shooed Gyone as he rested his hands on the back of his neck and continued forward.

The handler shrugged and passed him away in favor of the coming crowds.
“Bah, off with you then. Step right up everybody!”

They approached a clearing in the market, revealing sparse establishments leading into a narrow roadway; from there, all the eye can see is sand and dust. Gyone’s stomach began to rumble with hunger; as he held onto his stomach, Gyone scouted the area and spotted what seemed like a diner at the edge of the market. He began to search through his pants pockets in search of credits.

“Hmm. Let’s see here.. Son of a bi- Aha! Got it!” exclaimed Gyone as he pulled a chip worth 20 credits from his back pants pocket.

As they approached closer, Gyone spotted the sign for the diner and recognized it immediately.

“Alright, I hear Pappy’s has some of the best ale in Licentia!” exclaimed Gyone as he looked to the pup once again. “Let’s get a move on,” he finished as he began to sprint, the dog chasing close behind with tongue hanging from his mouth.

They stumbled through the front door, panting and sweaty. The chatter and laughter seem to dissipate when they look upon the place; eyes trained to them like metal to a magnet. An awkward moment full of whispers passed, and suddenly, attention turns away once more to what it was. Gyone took a seat in a booth second from the door and was soon greeted by one of the waitresses, menu tucked in her armpit holding a notepad and pen.

“Welcome to Pappy’s Diner! How can I start ya off sugar?” said the waitress.

“Well you, my dear, can start me off with a nice, cold glass of-“ he looked down to the pup begging between his legs under the table. “Uhm, water. Just water,” he finished, seeming to deflate in mood.

“That’s some mighty weird body jewelry you’ve got there stranger, I must say,” said the waitress as she sat the menu down on the table. “Did it hurt?”

Gyone looked up to her and began to chuckle to himself as he replied.

“It’s a long story I’d rather not get into; but yeah, it hurt like hell.”

Both shared a short laugh.

“Alright sugar, I’ll be right back with your drink.”

Gyone nodded and –when she turned away- directed his attention to the pitiful pup who seemed to glow with excitement, tail wagging happily.

“You best be grateful, you little moocher,” said Gyone under his breath to the pup as if he would understand.

To this, the pup only kept his look of innocent bliss. Gyone shrugged this off and picked up the menu, proceeding to look through their best meats. Not much time passed before trouble found its way through the door, all attention turning to the walking anomaly that is Gyone. It was a group of thugs from the looks of it; big-armed, thick-skulled, toting blood red, sleeveless jacket vests; and in a pack of three. The pack leader called out within seconds.


The room fell dead quiet as the thug pointed and continued; Gyone didn’t even seem to bat an eye to the spectacle.

“Why aren’t ya in that comfy, lil’ hole we dug for ya?! The boss man himself finished you off personally!”

He continued this as he walked closer to Gyone’s booth; his posse stood back at the door.

“An’ I know a thing or two about Shigiro. He ain’t the type ta miss. So start explainin'.”

Finally, Gyone decided to confront the goons and stood up from his booth. He stared at them unphased with a confident smirk on his face and replied as he grabbed his scythe, whisking the strap over his right shoulder and bringing the blade to a rest at his lower back facing horizontal; he relaxed his shoulders against the handle.

“Is that right. Refresh my memory.”

“Hmph. Caught ya by surprise an’ laid a single round inta yer brains from the back; remember it like yesterday when we wasted yer sorry ass for a high bounty.”

“Well obviously he missed. Brown-nosing from such a big oaf like you is very unbecoming,” finished Gyone as he chuckled slightly to himself, waiting for the inevitable; one look of this brute’s face afterwards was all the answer he needed to confirm a retort in the form of violence.

The thug growled and pulled a worn-looking dagger from its sheathe, which was hanging from the right of his vest at the chest.

“Shut yer mouth, ya cocky prick!” the thug screamed, brandishing the small knife with intent. “We put ya in a hole once, we can do it again, right boys?!”

The two standing by the door roared a unanimous “yeah!” in agreement.

“Oh? What makes you so sure?” asked Gyone.

“All that’s different is some tats an’ some crazy body shit ta throw off yer trail.”

The thug charged at Gyone as he continued.

“Pretty sure ya still bleed, dead man!”

As he approached, Gyone spun Gale around from the strap on his arm, creating a sort of fan blade of death; it struck and cut the thug’s chest vertical down the middle. The dumbstruck thug yelled in pain as he grasped onto his open wound. Gyone came around, grasping his beloved weapon relaxed in both hands and ready to strike. The thug only had moments to glimpse into his own end; to appreciate life as a whole. Finally, it came; Gyone dug both blades deep into his lower torso. As he did, his eyes met with the two others with a sort of warning about them, as if promising the same fate.

“This is what I think about your traitor of a boss, asshole,” said Gyone under his breath to the dying goon.
Without any will to speak, only coughing blood and stuttering on his own breath; the thug was thrown astray from the blades and hit the ground with a bone-crunching thud. He died moments later, choking on gasps which turned to eerily quiet.

“H-holy shit, you killed him!” stuttered one of the thugs as he backed away to the exit along with the other, which uttered one last thing before fleeing with their tails between their legs.

“We’ll be back for you, ya hear me?! We’ll kill ya three times!”

Gyone chuckled and spoke to himself as he rested the scythe over his shoulder.

“Heh. Amateurs.”

His concentration was broken by the sound of shattered glass; he looked behind him to find all patrons of Pappy’s Diner in absolute asunder from the witnessed bloodbath. The waitress from before was the cause of the shattered glass which was Gyone’s glass of water, now dampening the wooden floors and scattered piles of dust.

“Uhm. Check please?” said Gyone, attempting to break the tension with a joke followed by awkward laughter.

“T-that won’t be necessary s-sugar,” replied the waitress, shaken with fear.

“Right, well I’d better be off..” said Gyone as he turned around and began to walk towards the door, maneuvering across the dead thug and the puddle of blood as widespread as the door clearing itself. “Here pup, I’m sure there’s somewhere else to eat,” finished Gyone as he looked to the following dog and exited the stricken establishment.

“Hmm,” pondered an old man at his table. “I wonder what the hell all that was about.”
I dunno,” shrugged the waitress. “Kinda cute though.”

The reaction was met with synchronized groans from nearly every single man and woman inside. But that didn’t matter much now; Gyone began his trek to the next town over.
Slave to the Shadows Volume I: chapter 3
Chapter 3 of the story. Waking up within the home of an old man with a crazy demeanor named Hanashi, Gyone and his dog companion wander casually through Komeato looking to relax for his ongoing travels.

Volume 1 in it's entirety available here

See what you missed? (chapter 2)

Continue the story? (chapter 4)
Dimm: Adept

    Dimm, Boren, and Raash stood at attention within General Gore’s war room. Gore paced about the three for a moment, observing them with a glare of displeasure. He stopped in the center of the three and began to speak in a building uproar.

“Now,” he said as calm as he could mask it. “Run this by me again,” finished Gore, holding a newspaper which displayed a picture of Dimm fleeing from the authorities, headline plastered “Anubian Insurgent on the Rise” on top of the page. “What. Went. Wrong.”

Even with his iron caste covering the lower half of his face, it was clear that Gore was clenching his teeth in anger. Dimm inhaled and let out a breath and replied.

“The goal of the mission was compromised when a lone civilian became hostile towards me as I gathered information; I had no choice but to do what was necessary and retaliate to his advances. Raash and Boren were quick to back up the situation as best they could.”

Gore only nodded as he leaned against the center holomap desk, then looked down to the floor for a moment as he replied.

“This is all perfectly understandable, Sergeant Oxmen. But there’s one little spectacle you’ve forgotten to mention to me.”

The three looked amongst themselves, faces long and nervous; Dimm most of all seeming to dread the coming words.

“Spectacle, what spectacle?” asked Boren.

Gore exploded into rage-fueled scolding, clenching his fists.

“Don’t you dare play stupid right in front of my face!” he yelled. “You thought the damn press would cover your asses forever?! The black network won’t shut up about the giant fight in the east wing against one of you and some hotshot with a scythe! Do you have any idea what kind of fear that instills into the humans?!” he finished as he turned his attention to Dimm in particular. “And I have more than a few reasons to believe that you, Oxmen are the one who fought this man. Now tell me the truth or so help me, you’ll be scraping out the gutters with your own teeth!”

“But General,” began Dimm.

“Enough!” retorted Gore immediately as he pointed to the door. “Private Yarsi. Private Orgeth. Get the hell out of here!”

The two were quick to oblige as they hastily walked and proceeded out. Gore turned to Dimm and marched toward him with that same look of death. Dimm stood his ground and bit his tongue as their faces met within breathing distance of one another. Only a mere moment passed before Gore eased his glare and backed away sparsely.

“I take no pride in belittling,” said Gore, simmering down his rage. “But a failure’s a failure, Oxmen, and you have disappointed m-“

“You’re wrong,” interrupted Dimm, closing his eyes and shaking his head. “The mission wasn’t a failure.”

“Hmm, Is that right,“ uttered Gore as his curiosity struck up. “So you have more information for me then?”

Dimm’s stare met with Gore’s as he replied, starting to pace around side to side.

“That is right. But..”

“But?” asked Gore, seeming to mock.

“The means used were.. Unorthodox,” replied Dimm. “It’s why I was reluctant to report since it sounded so.. Crazy,” finished Dimm as he leaned against the railing circling the war room frame.

Gore crossed his arms and replied in a sarcastic fashion.

“Well that was obvious enough boy! Where are you going with this?”

“Where I’m going is someway, somehow, I could read people’s thoughts!” retorted Dimm, pushing himself from the railing forward and clenching his fists. “Practically everybody that walked by me, I could feel them. I could.. Know them.”

Gore seemed to become concerned of this new revelation, departing his arms and placing them on Dimm’s shoulders as he exclaimed.

“By the Spirits, are you sure, so soon?!”

Dimm stood speechless; he had no idea how to respond to the instant concern and understanding. Gore let go of his grasp and continued as he looked away and paced, hand placed against his iron jaw.

“Hmm. So the exercise was more than successful. Can you read me or your comrades?”

“Only Boren. Everyone else so far, I cannot read.”

“Hmm, strong wills still evade you.”

“I suppose so?” replied Dimm, still slightly confused by the implication. “I don’t think I fully understand what you mean.”

    He stopped his pacing and faced Dimm once more, continuing.

“You, my brother could potentially be a prodigy. But then again, that’s determined by what kind of information you gathered, young scholar.”

Dimm pulled himself together, at attention. He spoke with professional presence.

“Upon many accounts into consideration, -both civilian and guard personnel- the general mindset has spoken highly of a new council being established in place of the monarchy.”

Gore replied to this news with great delight.

“Excellent work. And of the battle, where does this fit in?”

“Well..” started Dimm. “He was a civilian that caught onto my recon. He instigated the conflict which escalated into a public spectacle-“

Gore spoke over him.

“This man with the scythe, did you catch his name?”

“He didn’t give it, but I was able to make out his name on my own,” replied Dimm as he pondered. “Gyone Irensho, I believe it was.”

Gore’s curiosity sprang up as the name “Irensho” escaped Dimm’s mouth.

“You’re certain?” asked Gore.

“As certain as I could possibly be, General,” replied Dimm.

Gore walked away and held onto the railing, leaning over in a state of pondering. He spoke –seemingly to himself-  after a moment.

“So he bore a child..”

Dimm walked closer to him as he asked.

“Who had a child?”

“A man I fought beside long ago at the Battle of Halsberth Stronghold; a true warrior in his own rite,” replied Gore as he turned around. “He called himself Sullus. Sullus Irensho.”

“Hmm,” Dimm pondered. “I had a feeling that he was no amateur when we fought. How well of a fighter was Sullus?”

“The most skilled and strongest human I have ever witnessed,” replied Gore with a sense of gush in his voice. “He was able to take me down bare-handed! No doubt the son of Sullus would be someone of great prowess with Gale, just as his father.”

“Gale?” asked Dimm.

“If it is what I assume, then this scythe of his was Gale. Black handle and two blades of pure silver, razor-sharp to the touch. Am I wrong?”

Dimm replied as he nodded and revealed the slash mark on his right arm.

“Right on the dot, General.”

    Gore let go of the railing and walked to Dimm, placing a hand on his right shoulder as he replied.

“Brother, the mere fact that you are here recollecting taking on an Irensho showcases great promise in you. But..”

Dimm’s growing sense of humble pride dissipated slightly as he heard this pause. He braced himself for the worst.

“You and your comrades need to be made an example of for this potential political poison. For this, you three will be making the “Venom Run” through Scythid territory and will bring back no less than ten spikespores as tribute for your continued loyalty. Fail, and you will either be exiled or executed; dependent you return at all.”

From the words “Venom Run” uttered, Dimm’s expression grew subtly pale at the sound. He replied as he nodded and shut his eyes.

“Consider it done, I will brief Boren and Raash immediately.”

An immediate instinct took over Dimm as he held his hand out just right to catch a sort of gun. It was not his Mauli53 that he was so used to, but something a tad bulkier. Opening his eyes, Dimm could tell that this was a shotgun; the scarce Boomscatter model put away for the upmost important of raids and combat situations. He turned to Gore walking off with arms behind his back, returning to observe the
holomap. Gore spoke to him as Dimm began to make his way to the door, which stopped him in his tracks.

“Sergeant Oxmen.”

“Yes, General?” replied Dimm.

+”I expect you to bring that back to me.”+

Gyone: Of Roots Bound To part 2

    Gyone and Sullus stood adjacent to one another across a dirt road. Gyone brandished Gale with the same sloppy stance while Sullus brandished a simple wooden staff, holding it firm in both hands; dripping down to his left as if ready to swing up for a powerful blow. He stood behind a mild, narrow path within the trees; two trees seemed to be cut down the middle. Sullus spoke to Gyone with the discipline of a true mentor.

“Exactly as I am son. Use the weight to your advantage, but don’t let it sacrifice reach or movement. Make sure never to let the blade stick to the ground while doing so. Ready?“ he started as he pointed to the trees behind him and stood aside. “Now!”

Gyone reacted at the second as he charged the tree with a tight, clenching grasp on Gale. Upon the swing, the blades connected, but stopped dead as soon as they dug themselves into the bark. He barely kept his footing as his momentum halted so suddenly, nearly flinging him forward into the tree itself.

“No, no, Gyone. You’re using too much force on your grip. Try again!” scolded Sullus.

“Enough already dad!” yelled Gyone as he dropped Gale to the ground. “Over and over again, nothing’s changing. Maybe it’s something else.”

Sullus made his way to his son’s side, snatched Gale from the ground, and stepped back a few feet. He did the same as Gyone, only with his hands seeming to relax on the grip. As he swung, his hands tightened up at the precise time of contact; the small tree was carved into straight down the middle, nearly splitting it in two. Sullus looked to Gyone with a smirk on his face.

“Ya see?” asked Sullus. “Nothing to it, just relax and move with her. She’ll guide you as you guide her,” he finished as he rested a hand on Gyone’s right arm.

Gyone looked to Sullus and nodded.

“Alright, one last time.”

“I’d hope so boy,” said Sullus, looking to the multiple cut trees behind them in the same narrow fashion. “I don’t think we have enough to spare.”

    Time and time again, the same word rang through Gyone’s ears in a sort of provoking manner. Again, again, again. With each passing attempt, the efforts seemed to slowly improve his technique while regrettably feeding into his rage. Clenched teeth, fresh bruises, blood and sweat alike; he was on the verge of a breakthrough for sure, otherwise this would be lethal. Gyone charged for one last go. Hands clenched at pitch-perfect precision. At the point of contact, it succeeded. The strike sliced the tree in two, just as Sullus had done. He looked to Gyone with a proud smile on his face while Gyone met this, panting and slouching from exhaustion.

“Ya see? Nothing to it,” repeated Sullus.

Gyone smirked while staring to the ground as sweat dripped downward. With a point of the finger, he replied.

“One last time; something feels off.”

Sullus laughed to this and continued to observe.

“Just don’t kill yourself son,” said Sullus. “You’re doing good so far.”

    Without a word, Gyone took a new stance. He parted his legs slightly and held Gale lax with both hands, blades facing downward. During this, he began to speak.

“You know, as much as I nailed it, there’s no way I can keep your technique. No. I need something more suited to my strengths; something I can flourish along with Gale. Think I realized around try number fifty.”

This seemed to be a variant of Gyone’s first attempt at a stance, but more focused and seemed to have thought put behind it; thought time being plentiful as it were. He walked forward slowly as he continued. As well, Sullus looked to him with great curiosity as he held his chin.

“May I introduce Gyone Irensho’s very own Whirlwind technique, patent pending!”

With that, he broke into a sprint and subtly released the grip of his left hand as he gained velocity towards the base of yet another tree. He arrived and immediately shifted his footing and began to run up the tree, then slammed the scythe blades into the bark to propel his momentum forward and released it swiftly, throwing himself into a powerful spinning slash downward. He followed suit with the same clenching technique and, thankfully, it accomplished another clean cut. Sullus admired his pupil’s brew, from the likes of which he had not quite seen before so soon and naturally. Gyone landed on both feet straight and he looked to Sullus as if expecting congratulations. Sullus scoffed in a sarcastic fashion.

+”Hmph, too flashy! Like the name though.”+

Gyone: Recollections

    One would think that he felt.. Y’know.. Obligated to this only out of guilt, but really, you take what you can get, right? Well I got more than expected; he brought me Gale. It’s strange how much of a connection I feel towards it. Her. My thoughts move naturally with her motions as a conduit for my entire body.. Oh geez, now I’m starting to sound like dad. He left for Bogmire at sunrise on his shanty, little barge out into endless oceans; it’s been years since I’ve had to see him off, but it never seems to get any easier.. By the time he comes back, he’ll be looking at a manor, fresh and new as it was before. And maybe that time. He won’t leave again.
Slave to the Shadows: Birth chapter 15
Upon their failed mission, General Gore debriefs the boys with a deadly mission. Gyone and Sullus continue their outing as Gyone is trained further on how to use Gale.
Chapter 2

    Night turns to day. The clouds still lay overhead, dispelled. They shadowed the forest as far as the naked eye can see. It seemed as though new storm clouds were moving in in the distance; a giant wall of clouds in fact. Gyone knew he had to find shelter before the storm moved in and settled above. Storms in this region are known to bring in catastrophic winds and drowning rains. He had walked miles away from the cemetery by this point, far into the forest road to Komeato. But even that was quite a walk away from where he was. Gyone traveled for what seemed like an eternity, grabbing fruit off of trees for food whenever he got the chance. This never seemed to feed his hunger or help give him energy, but what else was to be done? He was tired and ready to collapse; his body couldn't take much more abuse. Suddenly after many hours, Gyone's legs gave away and put him on his hands and knees, gasping for air.

    Gyone collapsed moments later, failing to withstand his failing condition. His sheer force of willpower was not strong enough to take him any further. He laid in this spot, unconscious for a time until he awoke to the late afternoon sky and the converging storm clouds overhead. They were now more concentrated and clumped together met with many more, spanning a great distance onward. He stood himself up and continued to venture forward knowing he would freeze to death in the storm at night; the temperature drops below zero. Gyone spotted dim lighting of the town further down the narrow path, followed by a desert clearing. Finally after desperately trekking so long, his efforts were looking to pay off soon. He sat down to relax his still weak legs from walking through the forest for so many hours. The evening was nearing; he could see the sun through a hole in the clouds where they had split apart where it began its descent behind the Flamboro mountains. Time at this point was not his friend.
    After treating himself to some rest, he was ready to venture forward once more. He pulled up his scythe and put the holster strap around his right shoulder. Suddenly, the sounds of snapping twigs could be heard nearby. Gyone pulled out his scythe, readying himself to fight what was near with a stance that seemed slightly crippled from what his body is used to, resulting in multiple cracks from his leg bones. He held his stance and tensely grasped his weapon. Closer and closer, the concerning sounds drew nearer with each passing moment. He could see the ruffling of bushes in front of him and without a second thought, he braced for the worst. The tension straining; the air heavy with unknowing doom brewing from his former encounter with unspeakable darkness. Gyone dreaded the thought of another encounter like at the cemetery. Though to Gyone's surprise, it was not a beast as it revealed, nor wasn't even a wild animal. It was a puppy with tan fur around his right eye. He lowered his scythe and pet the dog softly on the head.

"How the hell did you get all the way out here, pup?" asked Gyone as he took a knee.

The puppy closed its eyes and enjoyed the attention as it rolled on its back, revealing a well-fed belly, it appeared. As well, it was clear that this was a boy. The little pup rolled and pulled himself up, then walked slowly towards Gyone. His attention turned to the skull amulet as he sniffed it curiously and batted at it with a paw. The sensation of touch was amplified greatly throughout his entire body as the paw made contact. This sort of vulnerable exploit worried Gyone greatly as he stood himself up and ventured forward.

    However, the puppy was close behind him every step he took then on. After a few feet forward, he finally noticed this and picked the puppy up, staring him dead in his orange-brown eyes. He talked to the dog as if it would understand him.

"Look pup, you can't come with me. I'm sure someone's looking for you around here.. uh, somewhere."

Gyone looked around the thick forest uneasily. The utter shadowed yonder into the blanket of trees was all he could see. He put him down, facing him the opposite direction and motioning to go. As much as he tried to evade him down the dirt path, the puppy wouldn't stop following his lead; the pup seemed to like Gyone a lot. He finally snapped under the guilt of leaving him behind. and spoke to him in an annoyed tone of voice as he lifted him to eye level.

"Okay pup, you can come along! But only until we can find you a home, deal?"

The puppy licked him on the cheek.

"Also none of that," said Gyone as he glared at the puppy.

    Suddenly, large, crashing noises could be heard in the distance, accompanied by a dark and hideous roar. Gyone looked into the dark, thick forest in the direction of the noise. Birds scattered and animals alike in a flurry. Some managed to find their way onto the path; what seemed like a pack of wolves. Or otherwise, what he could tell were wolves.

"Whatever it is, it isn't the slightest bit human," said Gyone to himself while brandishing his scythe. "It better not be more of those damn monsters. One more strike would've taken my arm off.. what the hell?"

Gyone looked down at his left arm only to find his wound lacking the dark ooze in the claw mark, only his own blood. He shrugged this strange happening off as best he could and directed his attention to the potential threat in the distance.

Silence was all they heard for a moment, but that was soon broken. Suddenly, three shadow beasts that were exactly like the one Gyone had vanquished in the cemetery jumped out from the forest and onto the ongoing path. With instinctive prowess, he took the puppy and hid it away in the bushes as fast as he could. He patted the puppy on the head as he hid it away.

"Stay there," said Gyone. "You don't want to get involved with these things."

The puppy let out a whine as Gyone walked away and faced the beasts head-on, almost with a pleasure-fueled smirk on his face.

The beasts simultaneously jumped for Gyone, trying to overwhelm. He was able to force all three of them to the ground with a swing of the scythe, as they reacted with a premature halt and sloppy footing to the ground. They reform and surround Gyone in a pacing circle formation, staring him down. One finally attacked, but was slashed by the scythe with expected reaction; the next tried to attack from behind but alas, was unsuccessful and was stabbed in the amulet on his chest with an upward stab from behind, which killed the creature; melting just as expected. This flow of combat soon broke as Gyone was unable to deflect the third's swipe which slashed his left arm, adding onto the prominent wound.

    Gyone noticed something strange. The markings had somehow absorbed the dark substance the beast had left when he had attacked like a sponge. He tried to ignore this strange phenomenon and continued to fight, but couldn't seem to shake his suspicions this time. He thought to himself as he held his ground.

"This isn't right. I feel it coursing through my blood! Am I turning into one of them? No. Like hell I will!"

The beast Gyone had reflected got on its feet and roared; much more meek compared to what was heard before, eerily so. It charged to him and jumped high, ready to dig its claws into him once more. Gyone tried the same deflection but was a second too late. The strike connected with his chest just above the amulet, fresh, three-way cut oozing blood and the dark matter. Again, the substance was sucked in, this time enough that all markings took their share of the residue. Suddenly, the eyes on Gyone's amulet started to glow a shining dark purple and so did the markings on his arm and head. A surge of piercing pain ran through Gyone's entire body as though the spikes dug further in.

    He collapsed to the ground in tremendous agony, screaming. The amulet started to consume his body in the black substance; the transformation left Gyone in a state of defeat in his mind. He had succumb to this hideous evil. His eyes glowed like the amulet itself after he opened them from a simple blink; the cries of pain halted soon afterwards.
He was lifted off the ground by a supernatural force as the twisted transformation continued, enveloping at a rapid rate. Gyone, now completely consumed by the dark substance, was surrounded by an aura of dark purple flame. He let out a terrible wail which broke sound barriers and created a shockwave that knocked the beasts to the ground. Even Gyone's scythe had changed. It was much larger than before and the blades were now a purple-like color that matched the eyes of the amulet. The black substance consumed the handle, goo dripping off and seeming to throw itself back onto Gyone. It looked to be a tool of corruption and slaughter, or just him in general.

    Though the beasts were frightened by this transformation, they still fought as they lunged towards him in a mad dash. Their attempts were all in vain however, as it only took one swing of the giant blades to destroy the two remaining beasts with a wave of unnatural energy which toppled trees in its wake for several feet ahead. He let out another cry as he stared at the storm overhead, now in full motion. Moments passed, then Gyone's godlike abilities began to dissipate. The black ooze slid off of his body and scythe, forming a puddle around him. His body obviously could not take the abuse of this otherworldly power anymore when he revealed once again as himself; fresh scars and what seemed like tiny bite marks. He dropped his scythe which lost its form as well, then he dropped to his knees. And although he fought to keep conscious, he fell over forward and passed out. The ooze seemed to evade into the forest, noticeably sizzling from the rain; now the only prominent sound in the area as the drops crashed down.

    The puppy left his hiding spot and rushed to Gyone and tried to wake him up with a butt of a nose to the bat of a paw; it was to no good. Desperate to help his new friend, the puppy started ran up the path to the distant town in a hurry as the storm began to drench the soil in a monsoon. Gyone remained flat on the ground, unconscious in the remnants of the dissipating ooze.

Slave to the Shadows Volume I: chapter 2
Chapter 2 of the story. As Gyone wanders through the forest desperately seeking the shelter of the nearby town of Komeato; he stumbles upon an.. "interesting" companion.

Volume 1 in it's entirety available here

See what you missed? (chapter 1)

Continue the story? (chapter 3)
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