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Chapter 8

    Gyone and Eve -on the run and hopelessly outgunned- dodged through patrols of ruthless Anubian guards for what seemed like an eternity; in reality, only half an hour had passed by since their unlikely escape. Finally they found solitude behind a nearby watchtower and took the opportunity to rest quickly.

"Where are we going?" asked Eve in a panic.

Gyone gasped for breath and held onto the wall closely while clenching onto the amulet, trying his best to ward off the intense pain emitting from the contraption. Eve stared at what she assumed was only a sort of accessory; the necromantic amulet which keeps Gyone alive. Unease revealed from her face as she witnessed its throbbing and beating.

"Just give me a minute to think, hnng. My god they're persistent!"

Gyone pondered for a moment until his eyes locked onto a vehicle out in the open field of the stronghold. He turned to Eve and nudged her shoulder, letting go of the amulet.

"Hey, look over there. We could make our way to that car … But we'd need the keys. Surely they’re somewhere."

Eve snapped away from the amulet and hastily looked down into her bag where the animals hid.  

"Screw that! Couldn't we just hijack it?" retorted Eve. "You've done this crap before, work some of that magic of yours!”

Gyone's breath exhaled into a sigh in response to her claim, demeanor crippling by the second.

"I don't really think hijacking it would work when every last Anubian is on our trail; let alone a damn car in the wide open,” said Gyone. “If the alarm goes off, escape is next to impossible!"

Before Eve could reply, a lone shadow soldier seemed to leap down from nowhere and snatched her with both arms tightly wrapped around the waist then jumped to colossal heights onto the top of the tower in one insane instant. Gyone’s shocked gaze met with the hollow and empty one that this creature bore as it ascended. Time itself seemed to slow down.

“Wha- … What the hell?!” Gyone caught himself uttering, clenching his fists as fury worked its way through his entire body. "Give her back, you son of a bitch!" demanded Gyone in vain.

"Calm down. You'll get to see your little friend soon enough, Mr. Irensho," a voice claimed, seeming to come from behind.

Gyone turned around to find Senyo and instantly broke into a violent lunge, grabbing him by the collar of his suit and holding him up savagely; little did he know who he was holding.

    Senyo chuckled, looking down at Gyone with his eerily shallow purple eyes unphased. He inhaled from his nostrils.

"Ahh, I recall this scenario only as if it were yesterday," said Senyo.

Gyone stared angrily as he held him up, but soon changed to that of unnerving realization as he replied.

"Wait. I know your voice. You're-"

He was interrupted.

"Yes; your mind clearly wasn't damaged when you died, now was it?" replied Senyo.

"What are you doing here?” asked Gyone, lowering him to the ground and releasing his grasp.

"Me? Well … I’m here for you, Gyone; to offer you a second chance," answered Senyo. "If you were smart, you'd take the offer in front of you and help us cleanse this evil."

"You desecrate the dead and expect me to follow your words?” scolded Gyone, eyes looking to his feet. “I don't know what kind of twisted man you are, but I'm still not interested in being your damn puppet; nothing's changed from that night and it never will!"

Senyo adjusted his glasses and stared at Gyone with a look to disappointment, but it was clear from his eyes that he was not through …

"I hate to break this comfortable delusion, Mr. Irensho; but armageddon’s at our doorstep. Have you not seen the enemy we face? It's straight from the hells below and must be stopped."

Senyo held his hand out as he continued.

"Please listen to reason and join the good fight for humanity."

Gyone remained silent to Senyo’s heroic display, stubbornly bent on achieving his current goals; however elfish they may be.

"Don't tell me that girl's the only thing on your mind at a time like this!" exclaimed Senyo.

This retort was enough to anger the likes of Gyone. He snapped out of his silence and replied, words shaken and jumbled.

"W-what did you say?"

"Her name was Mia, wasn't it?" replied Senyo in an enthusiastic tone. "You want to keep this land safe for her, right …?"

Gyone clenched his fists and teeth, growing furious as he answered.

"The necromancy ... The skulls ... The beasts in Komeato ... That poor damned boy in Halsberth ... You have his face ...  eyes too."

Senyo's looked changed from coy to sinister as he began to snicker to himself. Gyone locked his eyes with his like eyes of a vicious animal. He continued, shouting in a demanding fashion.

"What are you?!"

Senyo's laughter grew to foreboding volumes as the demand was spoken. He rested his hands in his pockets and stared upward to the orange evening sky, storm clouds scattered, but forming ever so slowly. Gyone continued as he pointed forward.

"You're the damned Necromancer, aren’t you? There is no threat that you couldn't put a halt to. There is no hero … It's all just a game to you, isn't it?! Well. I hope you had fun, because I want no part in your twisted fantasy anymore!"

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice in the matter, Mr Irensho," replied Senyo with a twisted grin. "You're far too valuable to me; to our efforts."

"You’re gonna have to break me first!"

"Then I'm glad I came prepared ..."

He pulled out a device that let off a terrible, sharp sound that made Gyone drop to his knees, holding his head in pain. Suddenly, the large shadow beast they had spotted before crashed through the middle of the massive tower, leaving its structure in danger of collapsing. The beast let out a gut-wrenching roar.

     It swiped its massive claws at Gyone the second it spotted him. Gyone was quick enough to jump out of the way, just barely avoiding a lethal blow. He ran and grabbed on to a ladder which led up to the top of the tower on the far end. Even so, the structure was very weak; it definitely couldn't hold him for long. He continued to climb, dodging the beast's swipes by mere inches as he threw his weight from side to side and hanging on loosely. With only minimal injuries and fatigue, Gyone finally reached the top of the weak structure; it was here he witnessed just how hopeless the situation had become. Out in the open, surrounding the building were dozens of Anubians and dozens more black corpses that resembled what stole away Eve. They swarmed around the tower in numbers that were no doubt in the hundreds. Gyone stared in awe in the face of his opposition.

    "I see you've met our army, Mr. Irensho. But I'm more then certain you haven't been properly acquainted with those walking corpses," said Senyo in a sarcastic tone, perching himself against the guard railing behind Gyone. "These are my shadow soldiers. A result of our, shall I say, ‘side project’ we've been tinkering with for a while in the labs. Oh we harnessed the potential power alright; in fact, I’ve perfected it."

Senyo pulled out a cigarette from his suit pocket then lit it as he put it to his mouth and continued sarcastically.

"My humblest apologies, Gyone; care for a smoke?"

The breaking point had been reached; he lunged forward as he cried.

"That's it; die, you crazy bastard!"

    He kicked up a bayonet-mounted rifle near the battlements beside him as he rushed Senyo then sloppily brandished the piercing blade forward, but the attack was evaded at an inhuman speed. Gyone was shocked as he quickly looked awry when met with but thin air.

"Huh? Where’d he go?"

Senyo appeared out of thin air and kicked Gyone in the chest, pushing him away with incredible force to the edge. He recovered by mere moments, clenching onto the guard rail from behind. Another attempted rush was set into motion immediately, this time with a more focused bayonet charge. Senyo held his hand out open-palmed towards Gyone as he leaped in for a strike. Suddenly, he froze in airborne stasis. Gyone struggled, but to no prevail.

"Ugh, what the hell is going on? Why can't I move?!" shouted Gyone as he struggled.

"You should really learn to not underestimate your opponent, replied Senyo with a sly chuckle escaping him afterward."

He threw Gyone to the ground then continued, straightening his suit's collar as if he were only brushing off a breeze.

"The results, as you see. Heh ... Aren't too pretty."

    Senyo walked away and vanished in a cloud of purple mist moments later. Gyone soon regained control of his body, but fell to the ground; only catching himself barely as he landed. He thought to himself as he stood up and held onto his knees, gasping for air.

"He’s so powerful … It's as if he's not even human! This amulet ... What the hell is all of this?!"

    His concentration was broken by the screams and roars of the Anubians and the shadow soldiers, as well as the roar of the abnormally large shadow beast below. Gyone was at a loss of thought; any thought beyond surrender felt meaningless and hopeless while scanning the onslaught of opposition within the stronghold. In the countless soldiers below, the Anubians began to aim their firearms to Gyone while the shadows drew their swords and cried their horrible shriek of battle. General Gore looked toward the scene with pleasure from a watchtower adjacent to Gyone’s position ... However, this overzealous triumph would not go without its casualties. A transmission of Senyo could be overheard from one of the shadow soldiers, which only conveyed one word; a foreboding and haunting reverb for any potential survivor.


Within mere moments, a shadow solider stabbed an Anubian who had his back turned to him, piercing the creature straight through the heart and pulling back his now bloodstained tool of war for all to witness.  With that act, a mass chaos ensued between the two factions. The shadows swarmed like locusts over the field, outnumbering the Anubians by many. War had erupted in front of Gyone and Gore’s very eyes from a fragile alliance already crumpled and torn to pieces in only an hour’s pass.

    Blood, gore, and bones painted the ground as the battle began to gather steam. Gyone saw this horrific conflict as nothing more but a convenient distraction. He looked down and found the shadow beast sitting, waiting for him down below; hell bent on killing him as if it were the only incentive to live. Something told him that this could be followed even if it meant the death of its own allies. He knew that his only option now was to go through the horde below to throw the shadow beast off of his trail. Without hesitation, Gyone jumped down into the fray recklessly; nothing but the sound of relentless gunfire and screams rang through the air in unison as the Anubians unloaded everything they had to stop the dark beings, but their numbers were growing thinner by the minute to the shadows, adding to the choir with their terrible tormented screeches. Gore looked down on the battlefield from the watchtower in disgust.

"Look at this!" shouted Gore. "I trusted that slimy bastard to save us, and for what; some stupid piece of plastic?!"

Gore smashed the credit chip in his palm into pieces, shards piercing through and drawing blood.

"Now … It seems that the only thing I have accomplished … Is our complete extinction."

Gore put his hands over his face in shame then continued, voice slightly quivered.

"I knew I never should have trusted Senyo; but what other choice did I have?"

Eve sat in the tower with him, watching the battle in horror. She replied to Gore’s solemn inquiry in an aggravated tone.

"Well maybe there was a better way beyond wasting your resources on us, psycho!"

Gore turned to Eve and his breath exhaled into a sigh; He replied to her rebuttal with absolute submission.

"Perhaps you're right, girl ... But it doesn't make much of a difference now. Go if you must. We have no further use for you two."

He threw an armored vehicle key to Eve. She clumsily caught it within both her palms.  

"Just. Be careful out there, okay?" pleaded Eve with upmost, sincere sympathy.

"I'll keep your good wishes in mind,” replied Gore as he turned to her. “And girl?"


"I’d appreciate that you not call me by that name; Gore. It's not which I was born with, but rather given from the mass tabloids of human culture," said Gore in a solemn tone.

"It's okay. Nobody's truly a monster in my eyes. Anybody can change for the better; just need a good ol' kick in the butt sometimes. Would you mind telling me what your name is then?"

Gore picked up his automatic rifle and sword then put the sword in the sheath next to Gyone's scythe strapped on his back; he held the compact rifle in his right hand. He exhaled air from his nose.

"Just know I haven't forgotten it,” began Gore. “But to know it would surly crush any who know of its legacy … May the Spirits guide you safely through the shadows, girl."

"Eve. Eve Muroshi," replied Eve.  

He only gave a simple nod, but under his caste, this creature only seemed to desire to show his smile. Not a moment sooner, he jumped down into the fray; leaving the mystery firmly planted in soil.
Slave to the Shadows Volume I: chapter 8
Chapter 8 of the story. The stakes are raised as Senyo and his army of shadow soldiers, along with a dauntingly massive shadow beast, assist General Gore and his horde of Anubian soldiers within the stronghold to hunt and capture Gyone and Eve ... Although things are not what they seem.

Volume 1 in it's entirety available here

See what you missed? (chapter 7)

Continue the story? (chapter 9)
What's your writing schedule like?
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Nature this of questions:
Why does it be like this?
We toss n’ turn
Only live n’ learn
What’s the bloody point?

Nature this of riddles:
What’s it and when?
It lives in dirt
But likes your shirt
Why’s it got you stumped?

Why’s and what’s are strewn about,
No real way to live without.
The who’s and when’s are kin to asks;
Monkey learned a trick.

The why stopped the horny fools
From mounting all the geese.
The why stopped the cannibal
From eating rotting cheese.

The what stopped the husband
From ravishing the harlot
But only for so long,
Till he found a darkened love hut.

The what stopped the night
When he found a nasty bulge.
But it kicked off more questions
When the what became why not.

The why’s and what’s are thrown about,
No real way to live without.
The not’s and ever’s are kins to sin;
Monkey found a stick.
The Why's and What's
Another late night poem. Two good friends of mine gave me a single word for a prompt. The results: why and what. And this ... Just. Enjoy~ :rose:
Chapter 7

   "How could you lie to me like this, you monster?!" shouted Mia to Gyone, seeming to shoo him away from her very sight violently.

Gyone begged, reaching out to her as best he could in a desperate fashion.

"Please, Mia; I-I never meant to hurt you! We needed money and ... I had nowhere else to turn. I only wanted to do what was best for us!"

Mia looked away in disgust as she continued.

"Ha! You have a funny way of showing it! Isn't it your job to hurt people, Gyone; why should I believe you?!"

Gyone pulled on her left wrist and turned her around to only look upon spiteful eyes.

"It's not like I get some sick pleasure out of this, dammit! I was only thinking of us and our well-being and I ... It's ... I do it because I love you ... I love what we have."

Mia pushed him away as she held her wrist then answered to Gyone's pleas.

"The point is you lied; lied to me, your fiancé, of all people! And thanks to your job, my family and I had to suffer! Or was that nothing but work to you? Just another check mark on your psychopathic career …"

Gyone was confused. He asked Mia as he brought up his gaze from the transparent ground below him.

"Wait. Family?"

As Gyone looked back to find Mia, he found nothing but a drifting shadow far away in the distance of the angelic background. He fell to the ground on all fours, reaching for the now faint image of Mia walking away; sorrow fell heavy on the Silent Death, and to his reputation he bore like cinders scattered across burnt bridges.

"Mia, please come back ... Mia!"

Gyone heard the faint voice of Eve echo through the vast nothing. She began to shout shortly after.

"Wake up. Get up, Gyone!"

   Gyone's eyes sprang open, outstanding grief and pestering confusion invading him all at once without mercy. He then thought to himself immediately, not even paying mind to his surroundings; as if nothing but faded blurs in his own diminishing psyche.

“Did I … Did she really find out? H-how. How did I fuck up so badly?! Who am I talking to?! No. No, no, no; I’m just going a little crazy here … Just a little bit is all. Keep your head together, Gyone. Just keep it-”  

His concentration was broken by the wave of a hand. He looked to find Eve who was beside him, holding his head up while the rest of his body rested upon her lap lax. She chuckled with relief as she held her lips then softly spoke with a smile on her face.

"Back from the dead, huh?"

Gyone chuckled and stared at Eve with a smirk. He replied in a sarcastic tone of voice.

"Was I supposed to laugh?"

Eve’s face grew distressed as if reality itself smacked her upside the head.

"Maybe not; but you better laugh it up while you can ... We're pretty much stuck here."

    Gyone steadily rose to his feet and walked to the barred window. He looked through and gazed upon the daunting structures of the stronghold scattered about within this crater. A place built to withstand war after war, the watchtowers circled about the main bunker and central platform in front of the building. Aside from the soldier barracks, each structure was crafted from pure metal; strong enough to withstand even a blast of nuclear proportions, it seemed. The menacing faces of the bald, human-like Anubians stoically stared at the backs of their comrades with their white eyes as platoons marched around the stronghold in formation; tightly wound, armed to the teeth, and ready to fight. Gyone continued to survey the massive area as best he could only to find a giant and hideous creature near the central area; one of which sent a familiar chill up his spine.

"I don't think that thing out there is going to listen to reason …" said Gyone as he turned to Eve and held onto a bar, face unsure and subtly frightened.

Eve walked to the window to survey this curious find from a man she has witnessed killed without much trouble.

"What are you talking abouuuaye, what the hell is that?!" shouted Eve, backing off immediately and pointing to it while tensing up her left hand in a sort of cowering fist near her chin.

Gyone turned over to Eve and grasped onto her shoulders. He started to shake her, trying to break her from her panicked state.

"Calm down, Eve! I've seen these things before and I know how to handle them. But ... I've never seen one this big."

Eve, now slightly calmed, took a deep breath and exhaled.

"So w-what d-do we do, Gyone?” asked Eve, still very shaken by the sight.

Gyone looked at the beast, examining the colossal figure closely. His demeanor shifts dramatically as he clenched his fists and replied.

"He is bigger, I'll give him that; but his basic structure hasn't changed much from the ones I've faced before. He’s as good as dea-."

Gyone reached for his scythe as he spoke, but halted when -to his surprise- it was gone. The detached and familiar numbness of the strap which Gyone was accustomed to betrayed him when he may have needed it most.

"Dammit! My scythe is gone. What was I expecting …?" shouted Gyone as he threw his hands down limp to his sides; almost as though he had just given up.

   Without much of any options, Gyone took another look outside of the barred window. To his infinite relief, he found Gore was holding Gale in his left hand as he stood in the center of the field like a sort of trophy. Eve calmed herself fully in the back right corner and replied to Gyone’s outburst.

"So what's the plan then? What are we going to do?"

Gyone looked at Eve, but before he could say anything, a voice echoed down the prison lane.

"What? How did you get in here, buddy?" said the voice in absolute bafflement as footsteps could be heard being taken away from the lane.

Gyone and Eve momentarily looked at each other then turned their attention back to the noises.

"D’aww, and a wittle kitty too? Wai- What the hell is this?!

    What occurred afterwards is either of their best guesses as the voice continued.

“Ah fuck; get it off! Get it off! Hnng, oh no you do- Ahh!”

This chaos was followed by a large thud and slurred groaning, then the jingle of keys and galloping of small animals towards the cell. The pup –key ring hanging from his drool-covered jowls- and Tabs reveal to Gyone and Eve with nothing short of the upmost joy in their eyes.

“Tabs! I’m so glad to see you’re okay!” exclaimed Eve as she sprang up with unfettered joy, rushing to the cell entrance and grabbing onto the bars tightly.

Gyone pet the puppy through the bars as he grabbed the keys and spoke in a more enthusiastic and optimistic tone of voice.

"Well I guess you're good for something after all pup ..."

"When are you going to name him, Gyone?” asked Eve as she beckoned to Tabs with an open palm. “Pup’s so boring!"

Gyone unlocked the cell, letting both Tabs and pup in the cage. He bent down and picked up the dog, starting to pet him behind the ears.

"I don't want to give him a name until I'm sure I'm going to keep him," replied Gyone. "That would make it much harder if I have to give him up … Then again, I suck at pet names too so take your pick."

   Looking over the dog, seeming to think as hard as she possibly could; Eve reached a choice name.

"How about Muffin?!" shouted Eve, lighting up like the sun.

Gyone palmed his forehead and groaned.

"Are you kidding me?"

"What?!" shouted Eve, losing her cheery mood.

"No names, Eve!" insisted Gyone. "When the time comes -if it comes- I'm going to name this dog something that suits him; something damn cool that rolls off the tongue!"

Eve looked at him and rolled her eyes as she replied.

"If you insist … I swear you're so damn stubborn sometimes, Gyone."

Gyone stepped outside of their cell and beckoned Eve to embark on their next move.

"Come on, let's get out of here," said Gyone. "This place is starting to make Komeato look like a tropical paradise."

   Senyo had arrived at the stronghold soon afterward accompanied by a vast convoy of large vehicles and a giant cargo truck for sustaining large creatures. Senyo's combat-ready, human personnel were hard at work unloading the vehicles of their nightmarish cargo. What lye inside these vehicles was something vile; an army of what seemed like hundreds of black, deteriorated corpses with breathing contraptions covering their nose down to their chin. Each brandished straight swords, faintly lined with shadowy roots as if the tang had bonded their hands to the weapon. They too bore the same amulet and markings of Gyone, but these skeletons were very much engulfed in the black substance; even to the point where it was oozing from their empty eye sockets. They seemed as though they were barely alive, preserved to the most minimal degree.

"I hope you'll take good care of my soldiers, Gore. They're not cheap to make, my friend," said Senyo, attempting to remain chummy with the ruthless leader in vain.

Gore looked over to the shadow horde a bit uneasily, as if he could taste the evil they resonated. He then replied as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Ehh ... Don't worry. They're already dead, so … food and water won't be a problem, I assume?"

"Not a drop of water or piece of food, I assure you," answered Senyo as he straightened his glasses. The most efficient soldiers money can buy!“

"I'm not so sure about this, Genshika. When you said you'd throw in extra collateral for the trouble, this isn't exactly what I had in mind ..."

Senyo chuckled then replied, waving his hand lazily as he bashed this claim.

"Oh pish-posh, nothing could possibly falter; they're mindless drones under my right hand's orders indefinitely.

"That's what worries me the most," said Gore.

"Come now, a gentlemen's agreement is a sacred bond," said Senyo, placing a hand over his heart as he continued. "You lived up to your end of the deal, it's only right to return the favor, no? So please allow me to fulfill my debt to you, Gore."

"Hmm; A man of his word," answered Gore as he turned over to him. "We'll see how far that goes."

  Both fell silent to observe the busy activity of the stronghold. Anubians kept their distance of the forming shadow horde in the center; not an able body with a conscience looked comfortable in the crowd. Moments later, both the points of authority halted their silent observing as Gore salvaged the conversation.

"One more thing ..." said Gore.

Senyo looked over without a word.

"I'm not your friend. Just give me what you owe and be on your way with Irensho," continued Gore. "We're done here ..."

"Fine, fine, no need to get violent with me," replied Senyo as he lightly chuckled, adjusting his glasses while handing over a credit chip he had pulled out of his pocket. "There's your 95,000 and your manpower. Now where is my prize? It would be a shame for him to miss this little gathering. The sooner I can admire your handiwork, the sooner you’ll be rid of me, deal?"

Suddenly -even before Gore could begin to be bothered with a reply- an Anubian guard ran to Gore and Senyo’s position on the central platform in a breathless sprint.

"Gore, sir!" shouted the guard as he tried to catch his breath, holding his knees and leaning down with deep inhales and exhales. "We have a problem!"

"Calm yourself solider. What is it?" replied Gore, staring at the soldier and motioning his hand downward to suggest calming down.

The soldier continued as best he could, still incredibly exhausted.

"Sir! The prisoners have escaped their holding cell and ah ... They're nowhere to be found!"

Gore punched the soldier at the second those words escaped his mouth, knocking him out cold. He broke out into a fit of rage.

"Son of a bitch!" shouted Gore.

He looked back to the soldiers then pointed to the crowds as he shouted with all the fire burning within his being.

"Secure the perimeter! Don't let them get away from here or else there will be bodies, is that understood?!"

All soldiers roared.

"Sir, yes sir!"

   Senyo chuckled as he looked back at the convoy vehicles, amused at Gore’s rally coming up from potential humiliation. He spoke to seemingly no one as he adjusted his glasses.

"Hmph. It looks like this army won't have to go to waste after all, will it? Are your troops ready …?" asked Senyo, subtle and twisted grin curling upon his mouth.

A shadowed figure emerged out from one of the convoy vehicles, chilling presence achieved with only a purple flame-engulfed, boney hand clenching onto the steel door outward. He replied to the calls of Senyo with stoic authority and an impossibly graveled voice.

"They shall not pass, my lord ... I guarantee it."
Slave to the Shadows Volume I: chapter 7
Chapter 7 of the story. Finding themselves in captivity within the Anubian stronghold, Gyone and Eve begin to plan their escape.

Volume 1 in it's entirety available here

See what you missed? (chapter 6)

Continue the story? (chapter 8)

Revisions underway ... Again

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