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Senyo: Trifecta

    Within the bright and early morning, not a cloud to be seen;  Senyo stood with both hands behind his back, gazing out of his penthouse window. He began to speak to his butler standing behind him near his desk.

“Varisqat,” asked Senyo.

“Yes, my lord?” answered Varisqat in an old and harsh voice.

“Check the security cams, if you would be so kind,” said Senyo.

“But sir, you had me check only but 13 minutes ago,” exclaimed Varisqat with a confounded look upon his face.

“Just do it,” replied Senyo, waving his left hand away. “I need to find some mischief going on so I won’t go mad with boredom.”

“As you wish, my lord,” replied Varisqat as he reached for a remote control on the desk surface and pressed the power button.
    A thin television screen emerged from the glass and lowered to the height of Senyo’s sightseeing glare.

Senyo walked to the right to continue his trance-like affiliation with the view. He pulled a carton of cigarettes labeled “Griffin” from his suit pocket and took one to his mouth, ready to be lit with a silver lighter in his left hand. The screen showcases the going-ons among the main labs. Kojin and Shella both handle large canisters of the black ooze and feed them into a pod. The pods –numbering in the dozens- line the walls of this white containment room. Then it shifts to the research department; a group of scientists stand near a whiteboard talking among themselves, while Dr. Neko works her seductive magic on a timid intern.  He puffed on his smoke for only a brief moment until he decided to turn around and start for the elevator door.

“May I ask where you’re going sir?” asked Varisqat.

Senyo turned around with a smirk on his face, still keeping his pace, then replied.

“Nowhere in particular; I’m just bored.”

As he enters the elevator, he speaks as the doors shut.

“Tell Jake I won’t be long.”

    We find Senyo as he stands outside and continues to smoke in front of the towering skyscraper that is the Genshika Inc. building. If the sun were not directly upward, he –and much of the east wing roads- would be shrouded in a giant shadow. He muttered to himself while messing with his ooze vial, sounding very pleased with the fresh air.

“Maybe all I needed was some sunshine. Yeah. That’s it. Hmm… but I still can’t shake this lull feeling of boredom.”

He throws the cigarette to the ground and puts it out with his right foot. As well, he sarcastically spoke aloud.

“Welp. What do you got for me, Crygor?!”

Suddenly, loud crashing and crowd panic could be heard not too far from Senyo. He looks to the direction of the sounds with confused unnerve.
+”Oh my. I was kidding..”+

Gyone: Trifecta

    “You there. Big, tall, and bulky. What’s with the look?” asked Gyone to Dimm as he passed by and stood still.

Dimm looked as though he were lost in his own head. That is until Gyone began to wave his hand in front of his face.

“Yoohoo. Anybody in there? I asked you a question.”

“Hu-huh?” slurred Dimm, breaking away from his state of mind. “Oh! Apologies, I get so distracted sometimes.”

“Uh huh.. Right,” replied Gyone, unconvinced of his explanation.

Both stared at one another for a brief period of awkward silence. Dimm spoke up, hoping to at least get a good conversation out of the ordeal.

“So uhm.. where are you headed?” asked Dimm.

At this point, Gyone began to walk forward again as he replied.

“It’s none of your damn business.”

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed Dimm, blocking Gyone’s path with his hand. “You can’t sell that, especially not to a damn pawn shop.”

Gyone looked to Dimm as if he were some sort of crazy with a dumbfounded look on his face. His look turned to anger as he stepped closer, fists clenched.

“Who are you?” asked Gyone.

“Uh I’m nobody, honest!” hastily replied Dimm, attempting to calm him down. As he did, Gyone began to undo the bag’s zipper.

“I won’t ask again” said Gyone as he pulled the scythe from the bag and brandished it. “Who. Are. You?!”

    His stance was untrained and noticeably sloppy, but it was clear that Gyone was determined to make this weapon his own. Dimm reacts swiftly and pulls from its sheath his own blade. Only one end was sharpened while the other remained intentionally dull. The sharp end slants downward, presumably for swift cuts and quick swaps in either direction; for the weapon itself was rather lightweight. Dimm looks to him with challenging eyes.

“Alright, my friend. If that’s the way you want to go with this, then I’ll have no choice but to strike you down in honorable combat.”

Gyone scoffs as he responds to this remark.

“Honorable huh? A little, nosy spy such as yourself has a twisted outlook on the meaning of “honor.”

Dimm lets out a slight growl upon hearing such disrespect. He smiles, chucking a little even, then replied.

“Fine then. But don’t expect just a simple spar.. Gyone Irensho.”

    As you could imagine, this was the fuse hitting its core. They lunge at each other like mortal enemies; years in the making, it seems. The first strikes occurs between the two blades, emitting a spark and the ringing sound of clashing steel. Following suit with a wave of slashes and dodges, the two test the waters of each other’s flow of death. Gyone faulters finally and is just barely able to catch Dimm’s sword within the two blades. It’s obvious Dimm’s pure brawn could easily smash Gyone alone as he struggles to keep himself from taking a knee.

“About to break, are we?” mocks Dimm, confident smirk prominent on his face. “Maybe this is the time to forfeit and go about your way, hmm?”

Gyone chuckles to himself and retorts. A crowd begins to form around the two. Most are scared, a fair few seemed excited, and some are even taking bets. The small amounts of vehicle traffic there is even halts for this event.

“Funny how you think this is over so fast. Do you have any idea who I am? What you won’t find on your intel or scanners?”

He releases the grip, throwing himself into a sweep kick. The kick connected and threw Dimm to his knees, only catching himself with the blade’s weight. Gyone finishes his rebuttal, standing himself up from a kneel.

“I’m the one that takes scum like you down.”

“The hell you are!” shouted Dimm, charging Gyone; sword forward and eyes looking for blood.

    The clash begins yet again, but not nearly as long. As Gyone swings for an opening, he himself did not realize they he left himself vulnerable. Dimm jabs Gyone in the gut as he nearly swings and effectively disarms the scythe from his untrained grip. It flies a fair distance away, nearly hitting a closeby bystander.

“You’re mine now, you son of a-“ said Dimm as he attempts to plunge his blade straight through Gyone. Suddenly, Gyone shifts to the side at an unbelievable speed. “Huh?!”

“Hmm. Amateur,” mutters Gyone to himself.

    No words were needed. Dimm wasn’t going to let him live, that was clear. He began to slice frantically each and every direction at Gyone. He moved like the wind, dodging each rage-fueled slash with fluid motion. There was no possible way for Dimm to keep up with Gyone’s agile acrobatics. One last lunge saw Gyone taking advantage to show off. He finishes off with a back step, then a backflip straight to the area where his scythe lay. He reaches for his weapon from the concrete sidewalk and picks it up, lazily slumping it on his shoulder. Gyone thinks to himself as Dimm stormed closer.

“This thing’s weight is awkward, yikes! If only I had time to train with this thing before picking a fight with some bulky freak.”

He looks from side to side as he took his stance once more, obviously experimented with on the spot. They meet in combat once again, this time with both of their attributes being strained to counter one another. This motion shifting led them through the streets to sidewalks and even some broken signs and store windows. Dimm thinks to himself in the heat of action.

“The guy’s fast, I’ll give him that. But I think I’ve got him figured out now..”

Dimm begins to swing for a lunge. Naturally, Gyone takes his move to dodge, just as Dimm wanted. He retracts his sword, then throws a punch with the other hand; on the point dead-on to hit Gyone in the nose. The force sends him flying into a pile of crates and palettes, but definitely not incapacitating him.

    Gyone picks himself up to a kneel, glaring at Dimm with a look of an animal.

“That’s it!” shouted Gyone. He lunged at Dimm with velocity, landing a strike with the scythe across his left arm. Dimm grunted and held in a cry of pain, but he quickly retorted with a flurry of sword strikes. With waters felt and adapted, both throw all they have at each other; Gyone with movement and agility, and Dimm with brute strength and uncanny foresight. The fight moves into a cramped alleyway space full of strewn garbage, boxes, and window cills.

    After many deflected sword blows, dodges, and jabs; both remain intact. They leave the alley and end up on a crowded street, prompting many to flee as they crash through like a tornado of destruction. Gyone –noticeably exhausted and on the defensive- scans his immediate area for a quick escape. Suddenly, they both hear a voice of authority.

“Freeze! Crygor Guard!” shouted one guard within a group of three running towards them from the other side of the street, batons at the ready.

Dimm halts his advance and stands silent with a glare.

“Oh fuck me..” utters Dimm to himself. “Now look what you started, you short-fused asshole!”
“What I started?!” retorted Gyone, enraged. “If somebody hadn’t been poking their nose around where it shouldn’t be, I wouldn’t have had to get violent!”

    Gyone picks up on the fluctuation of air, as if a car is coming from his left. With none too many options, Gyone takes a leap of faith backwards. To this, Dimm slashes and connects with Gyone’s left leg, leaving a large, open cut on his pants. Gyone clenches his leg mid-jump as a black van passes by and he just barely lands onto the vehicle. The wind kicked up and unhoods Dimm, showcasing his markings and all. The guards didn’t need long to put it together. The leader of the group puts his baton to his side and pulls his pistol, shouting with an aim right to his head.

“Anubian spy! Shoot ‘em dead!”

Dimm bolts backward, hastily hooding himself again while heading into the alleyway once more in a sprint. He pulls a radio from his cloak and starts a transmission with his getaway party.

“Boren, come in! We’ve got a big problem. I need a distraction fast!”

A response came near immediate as he responded in a shocked fashion.

“No need to explain man. We’re on our way!” ending the transmission prematurely.

Dimm looks to his radio, aggravated that he didn’t bother to hear where his location was. He’s on the run, and who knows what will come from this chase.

    Gyone, clenching on for dear life while attempting to control the bleeding from his wound, loses his grasp onto the van and rolls off of the hood, slamming onto the sidewalk near the Genshilka Inc. with a thud. He begins to pick him up when a suited man with swept-back, short black hair; purple eyes, and a cigarette butt looked over him with a curious stare. Senyo spoke as he rubbed his hand across his chin.

+”Hmm. So you’re the troublemaker, I take it.”+
Slave to the Shadows: Birth chapter 12
Dimm and Gyone meet face to face in the east wing of Crygor.

The story so far

See what you missed? (chapter 11)

(Chapter 13 coming soon)
[Here is a man, but there's a stretch; for he reeks of sin.]


There they go writing down every last step I take again. Those pens are going in and out of sight, almost as if the men and women weren't there. It's fine though. My family says there's nothing there nor can they hurt me, but for all I see are demons. I know what I see is real somewhere and someplace.

[Will he ever catch up to the truth? His legs must be tired.]

You say nothing, yet you mock me. But very soon, you will see. Mama slipped me something through a cake. Of any existence, you will pay it to your own hell.

[He mutters pleas for such forsake. Such a fool will die well again and again and..]

Repeat again, again and again and again and- stop your words, foul ones! This knife cuts deep in my palm, and soon drips blood to your tile white floors; of your observations.

[Those meds seem to take well. We haven't found him wandering for weeks now.]

False hope and promises. "Hey, he's recovering!" says that damndable woman with those dark and empty eyes. Then once I walk for freedom's sake, those hands will bind me once again.

[Now's the time for you to act. Will you take this humiliation one day more?!]

No! I say no to thee of hells below! You're in my world and it seems you bleed like that whore. What are you, so easily vanquished by mortal blades? Your scales feel like skin and bone, so easily cut and strangely cold. Now I see. I must kill them all.

[Charles.. You were doing so well.]

Voice of Reason
Happy Halloween (almost) to all of you! And to celebrate such an occasion, I have written up something.. unsettling just off the top of my head. 
Actually kinda digging this new setup ^^
Gyone: Trifecta

    Gyone awakes in an area of pure nothingness, surrounded with pitch black. Upon standing himself up, he can hear laughter of a maniacal and roaring voice in the background; it seems to mock him. Gyone gazed frantically in all directions, trying to put a face to the ominous laugh.

"What the hell?" asked Gyone in a shaken fashion.

To this, the laughter only grew evermore fierce. As much as he wanted to, Gyone could not speak. He wanted to shout -to show this figure who he was dealing with- but all he could do was remain silent; fear overtook his mind. After moments of laughter, Gyone could hear inhales from a nose, as if smelling him. The voice spoke after one last, deep inhale.

"Ahh. An Irensho is it? No doubt," said the voice, sounding very pleased to this conclusion.

Still nothing came from Gyone, despite all attempts. He stood still and clenched his fists tight. Finally words escaped.

"W-what? Who are you?"

"No rush. No fun. Wait," replied the voice, noticeably holding back laughter. "Yes, you shall. You must."

    His composure broke, unleashing the same damned laughter as before. Gyone walked forward for only mere steps till his footing gave way. The same floor to the eye proved to be false as Gyone descended into freefall. He screamed on his way down. Looking around, the sheer blackness dissipated slowly, revealing a background of pure beauty. The land seen was vivid; giant mountains with waterfalls raining down and lush grass covering the entire plain as far as the eye can see. This sight was an absolute mystery to Gyone. Such unfettered beauty was anything but rare. Unfortunately, the sights were halted as he looked down to find his landing. It was the edge of a mountain overlooking the land. He hit the ground with a thud, but immediately realized the strange lack of any pain of injury.

    Gyone stood himself up, utterly confused by the happenings. He wiped the dirt from his white t-shirt and black sweat pants, obviously attire for sleep. His stare met with a red temple near his landing point. He walked up the concrete stairway to the entrance, at an easy pace so he could admire his surroundings. The double doors creek open as Gyone pushes them aside, revealing the small area in the shimmering light of the sun. In the center laid an alter with four displays meant to hold weapons. The three from the left were empty, but the fourth housed a familiar sight. The scythe of his father's possession. It bore a sleek, black handle and a blade of pristine and polished silver. Underneath it was a smaller blade, presumably to increase tearing power of the strike. With slight hesitation, Gyone walked toward the blade.

    He began to hear muffled whispers, words incomprehensible and sound growing slowly louder. With each step, it increased. Finally, a word could be understood.

"Gyone," a woman's voice seemed to serenade.

Over and over again, never ceasing and only growing clearer. It stopped being a whisper and turned to a normal pitch, as if questioning. Once more, the voice yelled.

"Get up, you lazy oaf!"

    Mia struck Gyone on the cheek with a powerful smack. His eyes sprang open in shock, followed by a deep inhale. He looked to find Mia perched on top of him, knees parted and sitting on his chest. She gave him a stern, yet amused glare.

"I swear, you're like the deepest sleeper," said Mia.

"Ow," replied Gyone, rubbing his cheek. "Did you really have to slap me, babe?"

Mia chuckled as she responded.

"Five minutes later, it seemed like the best thing to do."

Gyone only shook his head. Mia kissed his forehead and dismounted him.

"By the way, we have company," said Mia as she opened the door to the other room.

"Company?" asked Gyone. "Who?"

A voice could be heard beckoning from the dining room.

"You best get your ass in here pretty fast, kid!" exclaimed the voice. "Don't keep your old man waiting!"

Gyone seemed shocked and pleasantly surprised as he sprang up from the bed. He raced to the door and hastily opened it. They both saw each other and definitely seemed like a joyous reunion.

"Dad?!" exclaimed Gyone.

    The man saw him and immediately stood up. He had the same color of hair as Gyone, but it was worn in a swept-back fashion. His eyes were the same as well; a similar shade of hazel. His face was worn with age.

"About time, son!" replied Gyone's dad. "I thought you were never gonna wake up."

"Funny, 'cause I thought you were never gonna show up," shrugged Gyone.

"Ahh, I'm sorry," said dad. "A boat's not easy to come by these days in Bogmire. I've been wanting to visit for a while now!"

Gyone's smile fades just a bit as he responds.

"I'm sure you've got more business here. Come on now."

"Sure enough, I do," replied dad.

"Figures," said Gyone, rolling his eyes.

    "Now son," continued dad, rubbing the back of his neck. "It isn't business for me; in fact, it's for you!"

Gyone looked to the counter of their kitchen. He saw a long, narrow dull-green travel bag.

"I'm listening," replied Gyone.

Dad walked to the same bag, grabbed it firm, and walked back to Gyone; bag held horizontal in both hands.

"I believe it's time for me to pass this on," said dad with a sense of pride in his voice.

Gyone took the bag and undid the zipper. His dad seemed to stare with abundant anticipation. Finally, he grasped on to the inside and caught onto a polelike item. With one lift, it was clear that this was the same scythe Gyone had seen in his dream. Gyone brandished the weapon, slowly obtaining a feel for its weight.

"You remember this right? Always told you you couldn't touch it. Well. Touch it all you like."

"Dad," said Gyone. "Are you sure about this?"

Dad only nodded. He spoke up after a moment.

"You've got the Irensho blood in you son. It's tradition!"

Gyone smiled. He balanced the top of the scythe on his elbow as it held him up from the floor.

"You know," said Gyone. "The next time I would've seen you, I would've punched you square in the face."

"Fair enough," replied dad.

"But.." said Gyone with a smirk. "It's a good thing you brought a present."

    Both were standing in silence, staring blankly into space for just a moment before Mia walked in.

"Sullus?" asked Mia, leaning herself against the door frame. "Why are you giving my fiance more ways to kill pesky robbers? Guns seem to work well enough." There was distinct sarcasm in her voice.

Sullus laughed slightly as he took a seat at their table, then replied. "Well darling, I spent the better part of my life building Gyone up to be a fighter. Just after a few weeks, goddamn! I've never seen a boy move like him!"

"Dad, come on. Quit your gushing," said Gyone, letting out a slight laugh.

"What?" said Sullus. "Can't a father have his moments?"

Both Gyone and Sullus laughed more.  Gyone spoke up as it died down.

"So how long are you staying?" asked Gyone.

Sullus stood up as he replied.

"Afraid not long, son. Sorry to disappoint you, but I've gotta get back on the road!"

Gyone's face sank a bit to this news. Before any sense of shattered hope, Sullus placed a hand upon his shoulder. "But don't worry, Gyone. I'm coming back in a few weeks. In the meantime, give ol' Gale a try, alright?"

"Sure dad," said Gyone as he placed a hand on his shoulder as well.

+"Ol' Gale won't go to waste."+

Dimm: Trifecta

    Dimm walks through the early traffic of the slummy dirt streets of northern Crygor, listening carefully to the people that surrounded. From a gaze of left and right, it's clear that his cloaked appearance has caught some attention of the local. Regardless, he kept walking without so much as a stare. He spotted a directory at the center of northern wall, reading "Welcome to Crygor!" atop the cheesy sign. Dimm studied the layout carefully.

"Open trade market area seems to be where I'm at now," said Dimm aloud. "Now if I were looking for some info, I'd want- there. Aha!" he said as he looked to the business center, located to the eastern wall.

A striking realization hit him though as he looked to the eastern entrance with guardsmen checking for credentials, as well as failed attempts to pass and fresh bruises and welts.

"Dammit," thought Dimm. "How am I gonna get pass the guards?"

Only a moment passed, then Dimm started to feel a strange, numbing phenomenon in his head; no headache or pain, just oddity. Dimm held his head with a slight discomfort as he spoke.

"Huh? Oh, don't be pulling this crap on me while I'm on assignment!"

Suddenly, he heard a voice beckon to him from the shanty stall lines.

"You. Tall man with the secrets."

Dimm turned to find a small, dark-skinned teenager with ragged clothes, spiked black hair, and a white and red bandanna worn over the beginnings of the hair line. His dull blue eyes had a hint of knowing; like he knew exactly what he needed.

"C'mere!" said the teen as he motioned his hand to come, then subtly pointing to the checkpoint. Dimm wove through the crowd to him as he hid himself away into a forming wave of people. Each new stare brought a throbbing to Dimm's head, almost to a point of unbearable annoyance, but after mere moments, the two met.

    "What do you want, little one?" asked Dimm.

The boy smirked with distinct dislike to the term. He pointed to Dimm as he spoke.

"Judging by the name-calling, pretty safe to assume you ain't no regular. Throwin' around slang at strangers -even nice n' cozy Crygor- could get a bullseye like you killed.

"Tough words you're using there," replied Dimm. Don't take me as ignorant. I'm just-"

He was interrupted by the boy.

"Trusting? Too nice ta say no?"

He grasps at a knife handle sticking out from the inside of his pants.

"You coulda just been making it easier for me."

Dimm sighed, then spoke to the boy with an uncanny confidence.

"We both know you're screwing with me, trying to spook me out."

The boy relaxed his grip and let go altogether after a moment. He chuckles as a smirk emerges from his face.

"Good set a eyes you got there. For that-" He throws a small card with a hollowed-out circle in the center; a small holographic light of grey fills the gap. "You win a prize," said the boy, lazily pointing his thumb to the checkpoint.

Guards begin to beat a refugee man, worthless paper currency surrounding him on the ground.

"Well then; thanks ki- huh?" replied Dimm, turning back to find no one.. or so he thought.

A large thud could be heard, followed by slight, null groans of pain. Dimm turned to find the boy in a nearby alley way, clumsily picking himself up from a fall. It doesn't take long to make up for the sloppiness however, as he leaps from wall to wall, window ledge to window ledge, and finally; to the top of the low-class living complexes. Dimm wastes no time and walks to the checkpoint. The weird feeling reappeared in his head as he looked to the two guards standing watch. His attention swayed fully to the left guard without very much reason he could muster. He began to think to himself.  

"Hmm. This odd feeling is directing me towards that man, but. By the spirits.. I can sense. So much about him."

Continuing to walk forward, the guards take notice and stand at attention, ready to inspect him.

"Hmm. So this is what Gore was telling me about?" thought Dimm to himself. "So.. mesmerizing and strange.. I can. I can.."

"Sir?" asked the guard as Dimm arrived in front of them. He tried again, this time with a tap of his shoulder. "Sir?!"

Dimm shook out of his trance-like state and hastily grabbed and showed his card, open-palmed in his right hand. "Oh! M-my bad, gentlemen! I sort of dazed out there for a second! Here you are."

He took a scanner to the card, turning the grey glow to a lime green, signifying the clearance to enter.

"Alright sir, enjoy your stay in Crygor," said the guard with  stoic professionalism.

"Thanks a lot, Jole- I mean, sir!"

The guards immediately looked to each other in puzzled confusion. As Dimm tried to walk past, Jole stepped in his way, halting him.

"Wait just one goddamn second. Have we met?" asked Jole.

"No sir, I've just heard.. stories about your reputation at the guard; that's all! Really admire that kind of hard work."

Jole, though noticeably suspicious, laughed a bit and responded as he turned to the other guard.

"Haha you see, Dalt. Word's going around about how great I am. Can't wait to rub that one in Gyone's smugass-.

Dimm trances out again, seeing an image of a woman being rushed to labor in a hospital bed. As they spoke, he stopped the argument with haste.

"Your wife! Jole! She's having a baby!"

"Okay, Mr. Psychic. Just what the hell are you trying to pull?" asked Jole with anger in his voice. "Supposing you've seen her around, right? That stomach's a dead giveaway, so don't-" He was interrupted.

"No, I mean right now! Go!"

Jole grew furious, fists brought up and shouting.

"Alright, that's it. You're going down, buddy."

A moment passed, then Jole's radio, hanging from his uniform belt, sounded off.

"Officer Colba, do you read?" asked the voice.

Jole calmed down and answered the radio.

"This is Jole. What is it?"

"Uhm.. How should I put this? Your wife's giving birth at Koro Memorial Hospital."

Jole's expression changed to one of shock as he stared at Dimm's cloaked appearance. He replied to the news with equal happiness and confusion.

"I know."

    "I will be willing to cover your shift, don't worry," replied the woman's voice.

"Ugh. Goddammit, Kathra! Refugee area's too dangerous for you, you know that," retorted Jole.

The line went dead for a second, then Kathra replied.


You could tell Jole was debating this decision very hard on both fronts, but he finally broke.

"Fine, jeez! Be down here in full gear and loaded. Colba out."

Both stared at each other. Dimm nodded, then Jole nodded back as he bursted into a sprint to the west civilian wing.

    Dimm strolled through to east wing and continued to scan the area with purpose. The same feeling overtook him as he spoke to himself.

"Uh huh. Reform? What reform dammit? Looking to fill a position in the new council. Keeping the old system maybe? No no. Excited for the democracy to kick in huh? Wait.. now it's a monarchy? Socialst agenda? Gah.."

He brain began to ache as the mass amount of information slipped into his head. He shut his eyes and held onto his head.

"You're pushing too hard, Dimm," thought Dimm to himself. "Okay. Just relax. And the first person you see, we'll put all of your focus on."

He took a deep breath and turned around. A man with long, grey hair and shades; white shirt with a black leather vest, zipped halfway up, and blue jeans -green bag slung over his right shoulder- passed behind him to his right. Gyone pulled his shades down and met his glare with an attentive one of his own. He stopped in his tracks as Dimm looked at him from head-to-toe.

+"What's this about a pawn shop?"+        
Slave to the Shadows: Birth chapter 11
Gyone meets with a strange entity, as well as his own father. Dimm begins his search for Crygor's political state. 

The story so far

See what you missed? (Chapter 10)

(Chapter 12)
    Ay, air's always so damn glum 'round this 'ere bay. Perhaps a fresh guppy like yourself might be interested in a tall tale ta get the mind off of the brewin' storm? Nonsense lad. It'll only be a time short off when ye captain sets fer Yule. 'Ell, it may help ya stay alive, heedin' these words. Lots'a people will tell ya otherwise; call it a cautionary tale ta stay outta them waters near Port Yule. Ay? Have I got ye attention lad? Hehheh. 'Eres tha ticket! No more dilly-dallying 'en. This be the tale of the one Galbis Blackpowder.

    Raised out 'en this 'ere bay of Mermaid's, thee had a hard life, he did. Picked on fer his one empty, white eye. Some say he be blind 'ere, while others say his sight be just fine. Though that ain't important. Ol' Galbis had a knack; a knack fer thievin' all tha 'ittle boys an' gals of their toys an' pockets. Ay, makin' them pay fer all the teasins'. On his thirteenth birthday, his mum gave Galbis a slingshot made outta a wishbone stick an' seaweed. With this, he sooner realized that his aim was deadly. Very, very deadly. Em' pebbles turned to killin' machines! Could ya believe it?! Killed 'bout ten 'ittle ones an' two biggins'.

    His crimes took a big leap, they did. Nobles an' all their snobby dabloons started ta find their way ta Galbis' pockets in no time. Even acquired him his own ship, called her the Hammerhead. Aboard that ship, he traded that 'ittle pee shoota' fer flintlocks an' cannons. He traveled the seas to an' fro, knabbin' riches as far as the eye could see; an' a steep bounty ta boot. Some say he even mashed up a gun tagether on his left shoulda' which he could fire by just bitin' down.  Nobody called 'em Galbis Sherman any'ore. He was "Blackpowder," tha feared marksman of the seas. Ships among ships found a place 'ear Davy Jone's Locker. Didn't matta' who et was. Bri'ish army, Scottish. E'en Blackbeard 'emself tussled with 'em. An' both got away intact just barely, bleedin' and dead crew aplenty.  

    Tha last anyone e'er seen of 'im was when he lost his head, travelin' into a storm much like this one 'ere; tryin' ta find a treasured piece a weapon. One said ta fire shots a gold an' could never run dry of ammo. To this day. He remains a mystery among folks an' only survives through 'ese tales.


    Lad? Ya look kinda shaken up there. Is that what yer captain's goin' for? Best hope not, lest ye meet with tha same fate of othas' so eager. I'll see me off 'en. Good luck. But don't ye worry, my 'ittle guppy..

We'll be seein' each otha' real soon.

The Tale of Galbis Blackpowder
Submission for the "Ye Old Pirate Tales" contest, run by :iconbeccalicious:

Gather 'round, ye scallywags. As I tell you tha tale of Galbis Blackpowder. :pirate:
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