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The Obnoxious Nature of Christmas Advertising Prematurly: Thoughts? 

2 deviants said They should just wait a couple days..
No deviants said It's fine the way it is really.
No deviants said I can see why people are upset, but it's okay to me.
No deviants said What advertising? I've never had that food before?.



The Obnoxious Nature of Christmas Advertising Prematurly: Thoughts?
2 deviants said They should just wait a couple days..
No deviants said It's fine the way it is really.
No deviants said I can see why people are upset, but it's okay to me.
No deviants said What advertising? I've never had that food before?.
    They say they move like turtles, waddling foot by foot as slow as a day could pass. This is true, but those delicate, hard-shelled creatures are nothing like these massive walker units. Pure titanium and steel bodies; pistons and cogs thrashing about as the inner workings move this impractical beast. Sure, you can arm it to the teeth with lasers, AA cannons, and seeker missiles, but it all meant nothing for my unit. Its bulk was our shining opportunity. And its inevitable downfall.

    You can call us the 86; scout unit of the corps, serving our duty to our planet. We take over yet another territory of this slug-heap, home to nothing but high mountains, muddy skies, and a population of machines and a dying organic colony of new settlers. Bad choice for them. Guess who's getting evicted?

    I wish I could tell you more about this place, but the higher-ups won't even give us a name. It's as clear as day though; they want us to gain an ally, just to bully them as the superior race and claim the planet as another human settlement. Can't say I agree with it too much, but my bank account sure enjoys these acts of peacekeeping.

    It's only been a few hours and they've already spotted our advance. Good thing this needed some humanoid drones to pilot, or else we'd have been blown to pieces already. The cannons boom, the lasers swizzle and ring, and the cheers keep coming about as we advance to another hive node. So relaxed and cool, I can write all this down for you to see. It really does remind me my old grade school pet turtle, Argo. Sure it's slow, but ain't nothing getting through that shell. As that goes, it appears we've broken their lines. Step by step, I can see it on the horizon..

This might take awhile    
The Turtle
The result of a one-word prompt. Writing a story with only the word "turtle" in mind..

Tell me what you think! :XD:
Senyo: Trifecta

    “Maybe so,” said Gyone as he began to pick himself up.

He soon realized that this movement sent a surge of pain through his chest as he stood up. Gyone clenched the middle of his chest as he continued.

“So –urg.. Are you gonna turn me in? Or perhaps you’re taking bets!”

“Oh my, no; good sir!” replied Senyo as he lit up a new cigarette. “You’re both quite incredible to witness in acti- hmm?”

Gyone held out a hand, motioning for a smoke and light. Senyo obliged his wishes and both stood in a calming quiet, inhaling and puffing their cigarettes. He broke the silence with a question.

“As much as I love this sort of bonding, I must ask.”

“Hmm?” muttered Gyone as he let out a trail of smoke to the air.

“Where’s the other one?” continued Senyo.

To this, Gyone looked to the passing traffic, then to the air where birds flew overhead. They looked like a cross between an eagle and a quail. From there, he continued with a slight chuckle.

“You know. That’s a good question. We ran into some trouble with the guard and.. well, you know where I ended up.”

Senyo immediately responded in a huff.

“Oh, this simply will not suffice! You two need to finish your duel.”

“Excuse you?” replied Gyone in a confused tone.

    “I think I was clear enough sir,” said Senyo. “You challenged him to fight the second you pulled your weapon. He accepted, now you two need to finish!”

Gyone busted into laughter, dropping the cigarette from his mouth.

“Holy shit, you’re really getting a kick out of this, aren’t you?” asked Gyone.

“Not just me, as you may have already noticed,” said Senyo with a smirk as he pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number. “For you see, work was terribly boring. This couldn't have come at a better time.”

As Gyone started to speak, Senyo held his finger out asking for silence. He continued.

“Yes, could you be a pal and send out a search party for the cloaked figure running amuck?.. Yes, that one.  Mhmm.. okay, bye.”

“Friends of yours?” asked Gyone, putting out the cigarette on the ground.

Senyo looked to Gyone as he responded with mischievous eyes.

+”Let’s just say I’m getting my fight.”+

Dimm: Trifecta

    We find Dimm sprinting through the backlots of the east wing as he continues to avoid a pack of guards gunning for him. While he trains his sight back and forth, both front and behind him; he speaks to himself in a disgruntled whisper.

“Goddammit. This has gone south real fast hasn’t it? Now how am I gonna complete my recon?!”

He hears the sound of hasty charging, of many, many people heading from his front. Dimm’s head rings with sudden thoughts.

“What is Anubian trash doing here?”

“I can’t wait to stomp this thing into the dirt!”

The thoughts seem to reflect each other as each passing one drills its way into Dimm’s conscience. Finally, one seems to pass by that relieves some tension.

“Good thing that kid gave us these passes man. This would’ve had to get bloody otherwise.. hey. Those guys must be the trouble! Hold on, Dimm!”

    He ducks into a nearby trash dumpster, keeping the lid only sparsely open to scout the happenings. Finally they arrived like a pack of hungry wolves. At the most, there were ten guards; led by what seemed to be the captain. He began to scream out.

“Okay men, there’s no way he could’ve passed us by here. Turn this place over each way you can and stomp this fucking cockroach!”

They begin to trash what was already a heap of disarray and garbage, searching frantically for the runaway Dimm. As they rummage, his head begins to fill yet again with thoughts of the guards. Suddenly, one in particular seems to ring through Dimm’s ear.

“Son of a bitch. Anubians getting into the city.. The new council better up the security or else I’m out!”

Dimm’s fear soon turned to a sense of accomplishment, smirk enveloping on his face.  One guard comes dangerously close to the dumpster. He readies to open the bin, pistol locked and ready to shoot. Dimm holds his breath and readies himself for the inevitable reveal when suddenly something grabs the guard’s attention from across the alleyway. Lo and behold, Boren –dressed similar with the same tan cloak- peeks from the corner and finds himself to be the new target.

“Hey boss! I’ve got visual on the target!” shouts the guard, turning his attention; pistol and all.

All guards turned to begin their charge.

“There he is. Get ‘em boys!” Shouted the guard captain as all charged down the alley.

As they pass Dimm peaks from the bin to see the commotion. With this, there is a slight moment of shared eye contact between the two; an implied apology really. Boren looks to the other Anubian and hastily conveys a sort of plan.

“Alright man, here’s the plan!..” shouted Boren with an abrupt pause at the end, looking to a window near their place of hiding.

He shoved him in their opposite direction as he shouted.


    As he finished, Boren dive bombs into a window of the shanty residential complex, shattering the glass with his mass. The Anubian –left clueless and exposed- breaks into a sprint. The guards spot the runaway further down the alley and begin to charge, clueless to Boren’s rather exposed getaway. They shout their own sort of rally cry.

“Get that bastard!”

“He’s mine now!” shouts one as he fires some moot shots from his pistol.

“Yeah, you better run freak!”

Each barrel down the narrow space in a cluster, captain leading in front. With this convenient distraction in motion, Dimm exits from the bin and wipes himself off of garbage. His smug expression said it all; his mission was well on its way to completion. He thinks to himself.

“Thanks, Boren. I swear I’ll make it up to you somehow..”

Suddenly, a distorted figure sweeps in front of Dimm, but is gone within a mere moment. The moving of air was prominent all around him, but not a soul in sight. A swift, piercing strike to the back of the neck is felt, but not for long. Dimm’s consciousness fails him and he falls to the ground. The figures decloak themselves to reveal. They wear jet black armor with a full face gas mask and goggles. They speak amongst themselves, words slightly murmured through the masks.

+”An Anubian, huh? And just what the hell is Senyo going to do with one of these?”+

Gyone, Senyo, Dimm: Trifecta

    “Hmm? Looks like he’s finally waking up,” said Gyone to Senyo as Dimm awakes in front of the Genshika Inc. building. He awoke with an immediate jump up to his feet, glaring at the two with fury in his eyes. He realizes what crowd was brought forth around them in a giant circle. Guards standing away, at the ready to fire, but for some reason only seem to want to keep the two in the ring. Senyo looks to the crowd as well and mutters to himself.

“My my, what a turnout.” He turns to Gyone and continues. “I hope this won’t be a disappointment, putting all of this together for you guys.”

A snicker escapes his mouth. Gyone as well looks around and spots his father Sullus in front with a slight sense of pride in his eyes.. and next to him, Mia with a glare that seemed to echo the same words.

“What are you doing, you idiot?”

He rubs the back of his neck with an awkward grin as the two stare at each other. Mia scoffs, turns her head, and storms away into the seemingly endless crowd. Senyo beckons to Gyone with the wave of his hand and Gyone walks within earshot as Senyo whispered to him.

“I think it’s about time to take your place.”

To this Gyone only nods as he trains his stare towards Dimm, baffled and angry as he looked at the crowd for an escape.

“You there,” said Gyone to Dimm.

Dimm turns around, sword brandished, ready to fight. Gyone continued.

“Are you ready to settle this? There’s no going back now,” he said as he took the same sloppy stance as before, scythe as well brandished. “I don’t care why. I don’t care when you started your spying game either. You’re going down and that’s all that matters.”
Dimm chuckled a bit to this as he replied.

“Such a shame, Gyone. You really don’t have any idea. But fine,” he finished as he began to walk slowly closer towards his opponent, then soon breaking into a charge.

Gyone caught the blade within his two blades. Dimm continued.

“You want to die, that’s not a damn problem!”

    Again, the storm of blows awakened as the two threw all they had at one another. Gyone strafed the field –mostly countering and dodging- while Dimm went on the offensive, throwing punches every which way with his left hand and coming around with brutal slashes of sword with his right. The game was clear: Dimm was throwing off Gyone’s rhythm as Gyone waited for Dimm to tire himself out. No fear of breaking into the crowd; these two were neck and neck dead center in the makeshift ring of battle, and it seemed that it wouldn’t end till there was a cold and limp body on the ground.

“You can do it, Gyone!” shouted Sullus in encouragement. “Loosen your damn stance up!”

Finally a mistake is made as Gyone turns a slight mind to his father’s critique. Dimm breaks away from their clash and goes for the legs. It’s as if Gyone expected it. He jumps into a front flip over Dimm’s head. As this strike runs its course, it’s clear that Dimm expected this as he circles around and his left hand grasps onto Gyone’s right leg, not fully curled up yet. With force, he throws Gyone back down to earth. His back makes contact with a smashing boom and leaves an indented crack on the concrete courtyard ground. A roar of gasps, boos, and cheers alike could be heard from the crowd. Senyo, though still slightly amused, momentarily turns away from the massive blow with a hand covering his eyes. Dimm wastes no time and pins him to his position, holding his sword to Gyone’s neck. No immediate escape in sight, both stare each other down, Dimm feeling he has already triumphed over his enemy.

“Get up boy!” shouted Sullus, holding back the urge to run in. However, one look at the guards told him that this would be a suicide run.

“Now Gyone,” started Dimm as he leaned in closer, confident smirk prominent on his face. “You’ve been a challenging opponent to bring down, I’ll give you that.”

He presses the razor-sharp blade on Gyone’s throat as he continues.

“..But now it’s time to end this little show.”

    The crowd’s reaction turns to one of fear and terror as Dimm prepares himself for this public execution. Once complacent, the guards lift their weapons towards Dimm as one shouted.

“Hey! Nobody said anything about killing! Drop it, now!”

Gyone began to laugh to himself, then spoke.

“An Anubian, they call it? Well shit.. they don’t seem to like you very much, do they?”

He picked himself up with a fearlessness about him.

“Looks like I win by default..”

    Dimm was at a loss. After so much, he is met with a wall that could mean his own death. He sheathes his sword in a panic as he hastily looked around his area, head beginning to fill with the scattered thoughts of fear. He drops to his knees in tremendous pain, grunting and crying out in agony. Suddenly, Dimm is met with a glimpse into the future, showing some foul play about to transpire. In an instant, Dimm grabs behind him the handle of Gyone’s scythe, plunging straight into his right side. The two stare down like vicious animals, gunning for each other’s throats. Suddenly, a guard falls to the ground with a thud. Then another joined him as well as the rest in a domino effect of bodies. Senyo looks to the events unfolding with unnerve.

“What?” said Senyo to himself quietly. “This wasn’t a part of the plan..”

He steps forward, but is instantly met with the person he had called in the first place. Senyo scoffs a little as he begins to scold the masked figure.

“I pay good money for Alia’s recon team, and this is what I get..”

The man stands silent for a moment, then replies with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mr. Genshika. We captured the target and brought him to you, like you said.”

“What is the meaning of ruining our little event here? Quite the time to pull a conscience out of yourself..”

The man turns away as he replies, slight chuckle escaping him.

“Not me, Mr. Genshika. My boy likes ‘em. So we let the Anubian live.”

Before Senyo can reply, the man vanished without a trace, leaving him with his fight crumbling at the seams.  

Both Gyone and Dimm stop their fight as the lack of guns being pointed in their area seem to be disappearing by the second. Suddenly, a thick, grey smoke begins to envelop the area. No words or a second thought are needed; Dimm takes advantage of the situation, lowering his blade and making a run in the opposite direction; a literal blind run to freedom.

“H-hey!” shouted Gyone, still shaken by looking death straight in the face. “We’re not done here.. You hear me?!”

Dimm stops himself briefly and retorts, turning his head slightly.

“Nobody dies today, asshole..”

With that, he immediately continues his sprint.

    Through what seems like an unlikely escape, Dimm finds no opposition from guards despite his sprint through open streets and populated areas. He ducks into a crowd forming at the east wing gate, leading back to their convoy escape. This is when it dawned on him..

“Wait a minute..” thought Dimm. “Boren!”

Almost instantly, a finger tapped on his shoulder. Dimm flinched as he turned around, ready to punch as he threw his fist backwards. The punch connected with Boren’s cheek, sending his head spinning the other direction.

“Oh Boren! There you are,” said Dimm with a sense of relief and excitement. “And you too.. uhm. Guy.”

Boren groaned in pain, rubbing his cheek as he replied.

“Nice to see you too man, goddamn.”

To his side was the other Anubian, glaring at Boren with a hint of vengeance declared with his eyes. He asked the two, looking to the gate.

“So how fast do you think the word spreads around here?”

“Hopefully not too fast,” replied Dimm, looking to a building peaking from the other end. The young boy who had helped the three perches himself here, overseeing their leave. Both nod to one another from across the way and the three hastily make their way to the gate. A female guard and the same who had stood with Jole stand watch as the three walk through. Suddenly, they’re stopped by the woman with blonde hair put back into a pony tail, her bangs flowing to the side from the loose hair left alone. She glares at the three with her blue-green eyes.  

“Hold it just one minute, fellas!” said Kathra with demanding authority.

The three turn around, dreaded thought of being found out prominent in their minds. Facing the music, they turn around and ready to fight.

“Your passes, please,” asked Kathra, holding out her hand.

As if in unison, the three pull their passes and quickly showcase it, almost touching her face.

“Hmm,” said Kathra as she scanned the passes, seeming to take an eternity.

“Alright guys; you’re good to go. Hope to see you aga-“

They break into a sprint for the main gate as they pass the checkpoint, only replying prematurely with a hasty “thank you, bye!” Kathra looks to her partner with a smile on her face and begins to speak.

“You see? This stuff isn’t so hard,” she begins as her radio begins to go off.

“Uhhm..” replied the guard, looking at the three with confusion. I thin-“

Kathra interrupts him as she takes the call on the radio.

“Hold that thought, Brice. Yes boss?”

As she listens more and more, her face sinks. By this time, the three were out of sight indefinitely. She drops the radio as she screams, holding her pitch for many seconds.


    The boys talk amongst themselves as they drive away in their convoy as the afternoon sun sits in the center of the sky, at least feeling successful that they live to update.

“So. You think the General will catch wind of this?” asked Dimm, laying against the truck bed, exhausted.

“Catch wind of what?” replied Boren as he did the same across from him.

“Us. In the city, causing chaos? You might’ve heard,” said Dimm, chuckling to himself.

At this point, the other Anubian leaned back to give his input as he drove.

“Don’t worry boys. There’s no way Gore will know anytime soon, trust me.”

Both seemed to relax a little bit as their outing came to a close.

+”It’s Raash, by the way. Thanks for asking.”+
Slave to the Shadows: Birth chapter 13
All three meet to settle this battle once and for all.

The story so far

See what you missed? (Chapter 12)

(Chapter 14 coming soon)
8 deviations
Well hello there!

I'd love to see what you guys have to offer :rose: As well, here is what I have you for you people to look upon. Hope you enjoy.

If you like adventure~
Slave to the Shadows: Birth IntroGyone: Another Day on the Job
    A mile separates the two. Only one shot remains in the clip of Gyone's sniper after dispatching the king's guards surrounding the council building. His palms are moist from sweat forming. Gyone was tense. Missing this shot on Genshi Koro would mean certain death. His target is the last living king of the Koro monarchy of the central haven city of Crygor. The reign of terror that this monarchy insued has put a price on the old man's head. The king sits blissfully unaware at his throne in the back, surrounded by the council seats as he is praised relentlessly by the cheering crowds gathered around, as well as the blue and tan-uniformed guards circling around at position. A radio transmission came in from Gyone's earpiece in the form of a beeping sound. He answered the call.
"You see him?" asked the voice on the radio.
Gyone exhaled and answered.
"Yeah, that bird over there? It's pretty, isn't it?"
The voice's breath exhaled into a sigh.

If you love poetry~
The Monarch's GoodbyeTo the ties you're bound to
From the words that guide you,
All men will bow down.
To the ties you cut
From the lies they strut,
All men will hunt your crown.
Once destined
Born to a legend,
You must always keep your fame.
Now hardened
Grown like a garden,
You must never forget your name.
One to fight
Never to flight,
You'll become our hero yet.
Known as a savage
Holding no advantage,
You've become our enemy met.
Seen for prodigy
Called to monarchy,
Long live the king!
Now you're dust
Your sword to rust,
Angels still willing to sing.

If you love sci-fi~
Orion: Sol Intro    "How do you see a tragedy, mortal? Do you see a pile of bodies rotting the core of the planet with cancer, or do you see an open window for opportunity? With each new catastrophic event pounding upon the divine mother, she grows weaker and weaker as her cycle grows evermore deadly to the caretakers of her nature. However, such is the cost for mankind to overcome their primal instinct right? To sit down with your picture perfect society in your technological sanctuary is all a human would need.. is that really what you think? If this be, then ignorance is an understatement for such behavior.. You've all become weak and inefficient to care for the mother. Remember this time, for this shall be known as a red letter day for your solar system, mortal. The time has come to prove your worth to us. We, the Order of Orak, have decided your fates after much discussion between us three. Do not misinterpret our stance, mortal; you've come far establishing your dominance in the past, branching

If you enjoy drama~
The Smell of Ashes: Three Days of the Camel part 1    I don't know why the psychiatrist wants me to start keeping accounts of my days in a journal, but what the hell I will give it a shot. My name is Darrell Grant, and I'm in my mid 30's; 34 to be exact. The events that transpired a week ago are still clear in my head and while they still stay clear I'd like to describe them to whoever will see this later; this particular weekend was a turning point in my life. Why would you go back so far instead of just starting anew from this day onward? Well reader, to know Darrell Grant. You must know me.
((Friday; 12:00PM; January 3rd, 2013))
    My alarm clock goes off as it always does; 12:00pm right on the dot. I get up out of my bed and stare out of my window in my low-rate apartment in the Bronx. An ordinary day inside and out with the kids playing outside and the usual wannabe gang members roaming the streets with their pants down to their ankles. Honestly I thought that fad died a while ago; come on now! I saw Diane to

And if you want a good laugh~
Ode to the GrumpMid-afternoon, waking up in a stupor
Brewing some coffee, get the mind moving.
Throw on some clothes after a good shower
Looks like you gotta be there in an hour.
Go out to the driveway, pull out the car keys
Give your dear Susie a kiss on the cheek.
Say you'll be back in an hour or two
Right after you're done at good ol' HQ!
Drive to the haven, oh woe was he
Greeted with the face of absolute glee.
"Arin, oh Arin," exclaimed him as he cried
"Wouldn't you like to give this game a try?"
They clicked in the cartridge in the ol Snes machine
"This game be dumb Jon, yes this game be!"
Jon stared at Arin with a look quite unclean
"no no, Arin; you're just being mean!"
Despite the game, their banter was clever
The two both noticed this unlikely endeavor.
"Please, oh please Arin; just an episode or two?"
"okay fine!" said Arin. "Three parts, and we're through!"
They played and played as they bickered and bantered
as Barry took footage, holding back laughter.
You most likely wonder who these two
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Gyone Character Art As My DeviantID

Remember when I told you guys that I wanted to start doing character art for Slave to the Shadows? No? Well I did, and thanks to this wonderful artist


now it can happen. Please go check her out and if you see something you like, be sure to flood her inbox with comments and favorites. Okay? Okay :rose:


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